Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton, A Difference of Method

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

The biggest difference between Clinton and Sanders wasn’t policy. It was something more important.

Bernie Sanders Vs. Hillary Clinton, a Difference of Method

clinton_and_sandersThis article makes a very good point about the differences between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. The article makes a very good point that it wasn’t a difference a policy, but the method that each campaign used in the run for the Democratic Party nomination. It says a lot that I agree with and thought about during the election cycle.

I believe that the policies of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are not too much different, although the campaigns have a very different method by which they operated. One campaign, that of Hillary Clinton, used more traditional methods of operation, while the other campaign, that of Bernie Sanders used an entirely different method. The campaign method of Bernie Sanders is what attracted me to him and his candidacy most related to political tactics that I can identify with.

On one hand, Hillary Clinton ran her campaign in the traditional, establishment method, whereas Bernie Sanders ran his campaign along nontraditional, anti-establishment ways. These differences are ones that I agree with since I have always hated the establishment and status quo. I say this because I can see as where the establishment has done a lot for the average American citizen. As far as I’m concerned, our present status quo seems to be against most of what our founding fathers represented; a revolution against the establishment.

Hillary Clinton was successful because she played by the “rules” that our current system encourages. Clinton used her connections to Wall Street and the wealthy to bankroll her campaign. In doing so, she represented exactly what’s wrong with our present system, too much big money, and corporate influence. She showed herself to be a true dyed in the wool capitalist. The fact that she is pandering to the capitalist system is the reason that I supported Bernie Sanders. I hate capitalism to the point where I have no respect for people who kiss up to the system and use it to achieve their goal. There are other ways that goals can be achieved without prostituting oneself to a corrupt system that doesn’t work for the average American citizen.

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, ran a campaign that was truly grassroots in nature; something that I have always believed in because I’ve seen grassroots efforts by people work out quite well. This grassroots method of achieving a political goal is the purest and uncontaminated. In a grassroots effort, big money doesn’t really matter that much. It is hard work and commitment that really counts. The campaign of Bernie Sanders proved one thing that I have always believed, people coming together as a group to achieve a common goal. His campaign was funded by average people contributing less than $200 per person. The fact that Bernie Sanders was able to raise more money than any other candidate in history should be proof to anyone that a grassroots campaign is still something that works.

The beauty of a grassroots campaign, for me personally, as always been the fact that it brings in more participants, working together. This type of campaign probably appeals to me because in my life I’ve had the pleasure of watching grassroots campaigns work. Both the civil rights movement and the antiwar movement of the 60s achieved their goals without the corruption of big money. Both of these movements were just people coming together to achieve justice for the masses.

I honestly think that the candidacy of Bernie Sanders will go far in changing the way people look at grassroots movements. I also firmly believe that members of the establishment will be shaken enough to a degree that some of them may rethink things quite a bit.

To me, the candidacy of Bernie Sanders and the methods it used is a strong indicator that people are fed up enough with the way that this country operates and badly want to change it. Personally, is your sitcom I also think that the political spectrum may become more liberal and progressive. The way I look at it, if the middle class has any hope of surviving, things badly need to shift to the left. Most importantly, the campaign strategy of Bernie Sanders proved itself to be invaluable.

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