Are Younger Americans Finally Waking up?

Younger Americans support Bernie Sanders

Capitalism has only itself to blame, forcing younger Americans to look for an alternative.

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Are Younger Americans Finally Waking Up?

Millennials support Bernie SandersFinally, it seems that younger Americans, often called millennials, are finally waking up and realizing that capitalism isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Since I don’t particularly like the term “millennials”, I will refer to them as younger but never Americans because I find it more suitable and less like another label.   They are beginning to have some far-reaching questions about why they should go on supporting a system that does nothing for them and does not enrich their lives in a way that they have already been led to believe.

These younger Americans realize that capitalism isn’t the answer for making their lives better, as they have always been led to believe. More of them than ever before are starting to take a serious look at socialism as a better alternative, something that I would’ve told them back in the 70s when I first embraced this better alternative to capitalism.

I first became a firm believer in the socialist system back in the 70s, when I began to notice that for every person whose life was made better by capitalism, at least 100 other people were hurt by it. After witnessing the unfairness of the capitalist system, I rejected it because one thing that I have always believed in is fairness. Many younger Americans seems to be coming to the same conclusion that I did when I was young.

This story goes a long way in explaining something that I have believed would happen for many years; eventually, people would start to realize that capitalism was an evil system that only exploited and hurt people, in particular, the workers who have carried this country on their backs for far too long. This willingness to embrace socialism as an alternative to capitalism has been highlighted by the presidential candidacy of Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed Democratic socialist.

The current capitalist establishment seems to be going into some denial about this fact, and are trying to explain it away. They are resorting to the same tactics that they have always used; lies and deception. One of the biggest lies they resort to is pointing out that would not be so eager to embrace socialism if they remembered the Cold War; something that happened and was over with many years before they were born. As a 60-year-old man who remembers the Cold War all too well, I can honestly say that this argument is total bullshit. How is instilling needless fear into a child possibly helping anyone?

Most younger Americans have always been told what the Cold War was and what it stood for. Many of them have been instilled with the same type of Cold War paranoia that their parents were. Even though these younger Americans were born well after the fall of the Berlin Wall and Soviet bloc, they are quite aware of this recent history.

Among the questions that many younger Americans ask is; is a system fair that will bail out the banks for trillions of dollars but yet allows the average American to wallow in debt? They are also asking a question that I have long asked, why is it considered to be fair that the bulk of this nation’s wealth be in the hands of 1% of the population. They also are asking why members of the working-class care in this country on the backs by paying their taxes while the wealthy and affluent are allowed to pay nothing or a minimal amount?

These are questions that capitalists can’t answer, mostly because there is no answer, at least one that is truthful or believable. It seems that many younger Americans are finally waking up, asking questions, and refusing to believe the lies that they have always been spoon-fed. I say that it’s about time.


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