Nina Turner, One of Top Bernie Sanders Supporters, Slighted at Convention

She says the Clinton campaign told Sanders she couldn’t speak.

Source: Top Sanders backer Nina Turner says she was kicked off DNC program and “no reason was given”

Nina Turner, One of Top Bernie Sanders Supporters, Slighted at Convention

This entire scenario couldn’t have been written any better if Machiavelli had written it himself, as Nina Turner was “conveniently” excluded from being allowed to speak at the Democratic National Convention (DNC). Of course, I’m sure that because Ms. Turner was one of the most avid supporters of Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton’s campaign had nothing to do with it, right? This points out to me one fact; if Hillary Clinton’s campaign is trying to alienate Bernie Sanders supporters, this is the perfect way to do it.

It seems that heavy-handed tactics used by certain members of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) used against Nina Turner has become the new standard operating procedure of the Democratic Party. It has gotten to the point that some of them are almost behaving as badly as the Republicans.

They should be ashamed of themselves that someone as articulate as Nina Turner was excluded from the agenda. This begs the question “why was Nina Turner left out of the speaking order?” I suppose that she was one of the most outspoken of Bernie Sanders’ supporters had nothing to do with it, right? If you believe that, there is a large bridge here in the Bay Area that I would love to sell you.

This whole incident is just another example of how Bernie Sanders’ many supporters were treated at the convention. If they do something as disrespectful as this to someone as prominent as Nina Turner, one can only imagine how other supporters of Bernie Sanders were treated. I now understand why some Bernie Sanders supporters sat in the convention with tape reading “Silenced” across their mouths. If I would’ve been there I would have joined their protest.

The disrespect shown towards Nina Turner, and other Bernie Sanders supporters is something that the DNC should be ashamed of. I’m sure that many Bernie Sanders delegates and supporters would have really liked to hear what Nina Turner has to say. I know I would!

During Hillary Clinton’s very good acceptance speech, I noticed that every time they aim the camera at Bernie, he just sat there looking sullen and dejected. At some points, Bernie Sanders even looked angry. He only broke a slight smile a couple of times. After the exclusion of one of his supporters like Nina Turner, I doubt if he was really happy. During the entire speech, I only saw him smile twice.

To me, this represents the total lack of respect that the Hillary Clinton campaign gave to the Bernie Sanders campaign during the entire election. If his ideas were really so bad, why did the Democratic Party adopt about 80% of them into their platform?


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Joe Scarborough Finally Grows Some Balls


“Go to break, go to break right now,” Mr. Scarbourough eventually demanded.

When Mr. Trump kept talking, Mr. Scarborough interrupted him: “Hold on, Donald. You got to let us ask questions. You can’t just talk.”

Mr. Trump kept talking anyway. “I’m not just talking,” he said.

As the exchange intensified, a clearly displeased Mr. Scarborough repeatedly tried to stop Mr. Trump from speaking over him.

“Go to break, then, Joe,” Mr. Trump said, tauntingly.

So Mr. Scarborough did. The segment abruptly ended.

After the commercial, the program returned with Mr. Trump still on the phone, tamer this time, answering questions from the hosts of “Morning Joe.”

‘Go to break, go to break right now!’ MSNBC host cuts off a rambling Donald Trump

Joe Scarborough Finally Grows Some Balls

Joe ScarboroughIt’s good to see that Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” has finally grown some balls when it comes to dealing with Donald Trump. This morning, Trump tried to take over the show, and Joe Scarborough took it back.

This interview was a much different scenario than a couple of months ago when Trump was interviewed on his show. At that time, Joe Scarborough and his co-host, Mika Brzezinski, did everything but kiss Donald Trump’s ass. When the microphone was mistakenly left on, both of them were heard to be seemingly pandering to “the Donalds” every request.

At one point during the interview, with the microphone still on, Joe Scarborough promised to keep the questions simple. In other words, he promised not to challenge Trump or cause him actually to have to think about a question and give a thoughtful response. That’s like asking a pig to fly.

Today, Scarborough decided not to bend over for Trump and went to a commercial break when Trump tried to take over the show. Well, Joe Scarborough decided to take the show back.

Since Joe Scarborough allowed Trump to dominate the show before, apparently he was determined that wouldn’t happen again. It’s nice to see that Joe Scarborough has finally grown a pair.


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White Supremacists love Donald Trump And His Racist Message

The well-dressed men who gathered in Cleveland’s Ritz-Carlton bar after Donald Trump’s speech accepting the Republican nomination for president prefer the term “Europeanists,” ”alt-right,” or even “white nationalists.” They are also die-hard Trump supporters.

Source: Energized White Supremacists Cheer Trump Convention Message

White Supremacists love Donald Trump And His Racist Message

They may not dress in white hoods and robes and burn crosses as they once did, but their message of hate is still as offensive as it ever has been. In fact, now, it is even more offensive. The fact that people of this belief system have as much power as they do is quite scary. These people carried too much influence at the Republican National Convention, which happened last week. Donald Trump and his racist message against Latinos, Muslims, and others that many members of the Republican Party seem to feel threatened by was a big hit with these people.

These people are far more dangerous than some redneck living in some dilapidated trailer out in the country because they wield a lot of power and influence in the current Republican party. They absolutely loved Donald Trump’s racist message, put forth in his acceptance speech last Thursday. They felt that they had a lot in common with Donald Trump because he, like them, pandered to the lowest common denominator; racism.

Even though they seem to prefer being called “white nationalists” and other such terms, their message is all the same type of hatred as it always was. These people, like Donald Trump, deliver a message that is no longer relevant, especially in this day and age. They are believers in an “America First” policy that is no longer practical in the 21st century when the noted SM United States is so connected to the rest of the world. Even though we may be the richest nation on earth, we are still very dependent on the rest of the world to give us goods and commodities that we are no longer capable of producing ourselves, not to mention our huge financial interests.

During his acceptance speech, Donald Trump kept harping on the same point; blaming immigrants, Muslims, and Latinos for all the problems that exist in this country. In my opinion, is people like Donald Trump and other wealthy white men, mostly of European descent, who are the real villains here. The way I look at and as I have said before in earlier posts,I view this as just another attempt by rich white men to maintain their control of this nation’s wealth; something I view as being totally wrong. After all, why should this country’s resources be controlled by people like Donald Trump and the white supremacists who support him?


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Never Trump Movement, Too Little Too Late?

Backroom unity talks failed, and so the party feuded publicly.

Source: Chaos erupts on GOP convention floor after voice vote shuts down Never Trump forces – POLITICO

Never Trump Movement, Too Little Too Late?

Much to the chagrin of Republican leaders, their convention in Cleveland started off with a floor fight. These efforts, led by people who label themselves as the Never Trump movement, have apparently failed to gain much momentum. This floor fight happened because of a ridiculous floor vote that many delegates took as being unfair, and I must say that I agree with them. What happened today was a major setback for the Never Trump movement. The controversy was because of the chair of the convention taking a voice vote instead of a polling of delegates from each state.

At the heart of the dispute, was a proposed change in the rules that would have allowed so-called “bound delegates” to be able to change their mind and vote their conscience instead of being forced to vote for whichever candidate, in this case, Donald Trump, that they preferred. Now, it seems that they may be trapped. Many rightfully interpreted the entire process as being rigged. Many members of the Never Trump movement were instrumental in creating the unfair system that they are now protesting.

These delegates need to realize they are getting what they asked for; to be treated unfairly by Donald Trump’s and his supporters. They have no one to blame other than themselves. They were fools for not recognizing Donald Trump for what he is; a charlatan who would do anything for a vote. These suckers seem to be stuck, and many of them deserve it.

Early in Trump’s campaign, when he was making racist statements against Latinos, particularly Mexicans, who he labeled as “killers and rapists”, they should have rejected his ideas then. However, they didn’t take Donald Trump as a serious contender, although many of them echoed his ugly rhetoric. Even though many of them won’t admit it, they were just as racist as he is. They allowed themselves to be spoonfed his message of hate; now they would credit because they don’t think deep down that he will not win the election against Hillary Clinton.

Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump has apparently been playing to the lowest common denominator, racism. His supporters are mostly racists and sexist, and Trump’s movement was able to gain enough momentum that he was able to win most of the Republican primaries. If they wanted to stop him, the Never Trump people might have waited too late.

I watched the floor vote that is in question, and I agree that it was totally unfair because it was impossible to tell who was saying “Aye.” In fact, there was so much noise in the room that one could not tell what was going on. The only fair way to accurately make a count is for a roll call vote.

I hope that the “Never Trump” people don’t give up the fight against the presumptive candidate, but their efforts may be too little too late.


#NeverTrump ·

We, the undersigned, will never vote for Donald Trump.
Here Are All The People Still Vowing Never To Support Donald Trump

Jun 2, 2016 These #NeverTrump supporters are standing strong.

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Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton, A Difference of Method

The biggest difference between Clinton and Sanders wasn’t policy. It was something more important.

Bernie Sanders Vs. Hillary Clinton, a Difference of Method

clinton_and_sandersThis article makes a very good point about the differences between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. The article makes a very good point that it wasn’t a difference a policy, but the method that each campaign used in the run for the Democratic Party nomination. It says a lot that I agree with and thought about during the election cycle.

I believe that the policies of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are not too much different, although the campaigns have a very different method by which they operated. One campaign, that of Hillary Clinton, used more traditional methods of operation, while the other campaign, that of Bernie Sanders used an entirely different method. The campaign method of Bernie Sanders is what attracted me to him and his candidacy most related to political tactics that I can identify with.

On one hand, Hillary Clinton ran her campaign in the traditional, establishment method, whereas Bernie Sanders ran his campaign along nontraditional, anti-establishment ways. These differences are ones that I agree with since I have always hated the establishment and status quo. I say this because I can see as where the establishment has done a lot for the average American citizen. As far as I’m concerned, our present status quo seems to be against most of what our founding fathers represented; a revolution against the establishment.

Hillary Clinton was successful because she played by the “rules” that our current system encourages. Clinton used her connections to Wall Street and the wealthy to bankroll her campaign. In doing so, she represented exactly what’s wrong with our present system, too much big money, and corporate influence. She showed herself to be a true dyed in the wool capitalist. The fact that she is pandering to the capitalist system is the reason that I supported Bernie Sanders. I hate capitalism to the point where I have no respect for people who kiss up to the system and use it to achieve their goal. There are other ways that goals can be achieved without prostituting oneself to a corrupt system that doesn’t work for the average American citizen.

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, ran a campaign that was truly grassroots in nature; something that I have always believed in because I’ve seen grassroots efforts by people work out quite well. This grassroots method of achieving a political goal is the purest and uncontaminated. In a grassroots effort, big money doesn’t really matter that much. It is hard work and commitment that really counts. The campaign of Bernie Sanders proved one thing that I have always believed, people coming together as a group to achieve a common goal. His campaign was funded by average people contributing less than $200 per person. The fact that Bernie Sanders was able to raise more money than any other candidate in history should be proof to anyone that a grassroots campaign is still something that works.

The beauty of a grassroots campaign, for me personally, as always been the fact that it brings in more participants, working together. This type of campaign probably appeals to me because in my life I’ve had the pleasure of watching grassroots campaigns work. Both the civil rights movement and the antiwar movement of the 60s achieved their goals without the corruption of big money. Both of these movements were just people coming together to achieve justice for the masses.

I honestly think that the candidacy of Bernie Sanders will go far in changing the way people look at grassroots movements. I also firmly believe that members of the establishment will be shaken enough to a degree that some of them may rethink things quite a bit.

To me, the candidacy of Bernie Sanders and the methods it used is a strong indicator that people are fed up enough with the way that this country operates and badly want to change it. Personally, is your sitcom I also think that the political spectrum may become more liberal and progressive. The way I look at it, if the middle class has any hope of surviving, things badly need to shift to the left. Most importantly, the campaign strategy of Bernie Sanders proved itself to be invaluable.

Bernie Sanders’ Political Revolution | Rolling Stone

Nov 18, 2015 Bernie Sanders on challenging Hillary, taking on the one percent, and why he believes his radical campaign will prevail.


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Donald Trump’s Real Reason for Delaying Announcement of VP Choice

Donald Trump “was so unsure about” Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate “that around midnight last night he asked top aides if he could get out of it,” CNN reports.

NBC News confirmed the report.

Washington Post: “If anything, this leak is just the latest proof of how poorly the whole thing has been handled. And that poor handling, in turn, makes the rumor seem quite plausible.”

The REAL Reason Trump Canceled His Pence News Conference This Morning

Donald Trump’s Real Reason for Delaying Announcement of VP Choice

Just when you may have thought that Donald Trump had developed a conscious and some compassion, he turns around and proves that he is as big of an asshole just as most of us thought he was.

Originally Donald Trump announced that he was canceling his news conference where he was going to announce that Gov. Mike Pence was going to be his running mate. For a fleeting second I actually thought that he might have turned into a real human being, but again he showed himself to be the same self-serving bastard he always has been. Initially, Trump announced the cancellation saying that he was doing so because of the horrible Bastille Day terrorist attack in Nice.

However, we now learn that his real reason for the cancellation was because he was having second thoughts about his choice for vice president. This begs the question, “did Donald Trump make the decision or did his handlers?”

As many of us know by now, most presidential candidates don’t choose their running mates personally. This type of thing is usually done in some back room, behind closed doors, and the decision is made by advisers and party officials. But in this case, I believe that Donald Trump was probably the one making the big decision. He is the type of power-tripping bastard who would insist on doing it all by himself.

Oh well! So much for compassion and caring on the part of Donald Trump.


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Reporter Dale Hansen, calls Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick A Fool

Reporter Dale Hansen, calls Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick A Fool

Dallas sports reporter, Dale Hansen of WFAA8 ABC called out Texas Lt Governor, Dan Patrick for an insulting and ludicrous interview he gave on Fox News. This video is a brilliant commentary on the tragedy that took place last week in Dallas, Texas. It’s a shame that more journalists don’t have the balls to say what Dale Hansen said.

Lt Governor Dan Patrick, a well-known right-wing Tea Party supporter tried to cast blame on everyone, including the Rev. Jesse Jackson, and social media for the recent tragedy. In his statement, Patrick said:

I do blame people on social media with their hatred towards police. I do blame — I saw Jesse Jackson, I think it was on Fox last night, calling police racist without any facts. I do blame former Black Lives Matter protests,” Patrick said in an interview first picked up by the Texas Tribune. “I grew up in a world, I’ve been around long enough, that we’ve always had bad people, we’ve always had dangerous people, but the general republic respected the police. Too many in the general public who aren’t criminals but have a big mouth are creating situations like we saw last night.

The main point that Dale Hansen was trying to make was that Americans have become complacent, mostly because mass shootings and other incidents of ugly violence have become so commonplace in our society that many people have a tendency to not pay attention and put these incidents on the back burner.

I agree 100% with the sentiments expressed by Dale Hansen, and I believe that mass shootings and other cases of horrible violence have needlessly become far too common, to the point that many people do put this type of thing into the back of their minds. This is wrong because, as a society, when one citizen kills another, it’s just plain wrong.

Instead of pointing the finger of blame at people who don’t deserve it, people in this country need to take a good hard look at ourselves, and ask the big question; what is going on in this country and how to resolve this ugly problem?


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