How the Superdelegate Process in the Democratic Party Came About

How the Superdelegate Process in the Democratic Party Came About

Superdelegate-comic-largeThe superdelegate process of the Democratic Party seems to have been created primarily because of two Democratic party candidates who had poor showings in the elections of 1972 and 1980. The first candidate in 1972 was Senator George McGovern who was slaughtered in the 1972 presidential election by Richard Nixon. The second candidate was Jimmy Carter, who was able to win the 1976 election, but was steamrollered by Ronald Reagan in 1980.

The higher-ups in the Democratic Party seems to blame the regular delegates for the parties devastating losses in both of these elections. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) began thinking that regular delegates were not sophisticated enough to choose a suitable candidate, so they instituted a rule whereby the more “experienced” party officials needed to take control of the process. They felt that they could not trust the regular delegates to do a good job of selecting a candidate.

After reading an article about this process, it struck me that Democratic Party officials were being elitist in their entire attitude toward the regular delegates. They seem to think that the regular delegates who are plans to vote for whatever candidate garners the most popular votes within their states, were not advanced enough to count in deciding who their candidate for president would be. Now you can see why I consider the entire process to be elitist.

It seems that their implications of the “higher-ups” in the Democratic Party being more sophisticated and knowledgeable about choosing the proper candidate was a slap in the face to the regular delegates, who are selected by popular vote within their home states. Democratic Party “higher-ups” need to take control of the process to the point where party officials either overrode the regular delegates votes or that their process was flawed just because they considered the candidates, chosen by the regular delegates, to be wrong choices in the elections of 1976 and 1980.

As far as I’m concerned, by his actions and Democratic Party seems to have taken any real type of democracy away from the regular delegates. If anything in this system is flawed, it’s this entire process.


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Bernie Sanders Nails It about “Superdelegates” on Meet the Press

Bernie Sanders Nails It about “Superdelegates” on Meet the Press

Bernie Sanders, on Meet the Press, explains how he can still win the Democratic nomination, despite the superdelegates system in the Democratic Party. Senator Sanders explains why he thinks the superdelegates system is unfair and gives Hillary Clinton a decided advantage over his campaign. He also provides an excellent explanation of how it is still mathematically possible for him to win the Democratic nomination.

Bernie Sanders also takes the time to criticize the media because of their unfair coverage of his campaign. After watching this video, and studying the entire superdelegates process and what effects it can have on the Democratic Party’s choice of nominees, you will be able to understand the unfairness of the superdelegates system and why it needs to be abolished.


The Democratic Party Superdelegate Process Is Unfair

The superdelegate process of the Democratic Party as grossly unfair for many reasons.

How the Democratic Party Superdelegate Process Is Unfair

superdelegate processThe superdelegate process of the Democratic Party is grossly unfair for many reasons. I must say I agree with the critics of the superdelegate process. It seems that is quite undemocratic.

In the 2016 election, it seems like the system is rigged for Hillary Clinton, mainly because many of her friends are superdelegates, including her husband, Bill Clinton

Before we discuss this situation; I should explain the difference between a superdelegate as a regular delegate, mostly because most people don’t understand what the superdelegate process is and don’t understand how it might be considered unfair.

The difference between a superdelegate a regular delegate is rather unfair because they don’t get it, or how it works. A superdelegate is a former elected official of the Democratic Party. The superdelegates are a now elected member of the House of Representatives, a previously elected member of the house, or a current member of the House or Senate. A superdelegate can also be a top official in the Democratic Party.

For example, former President Bill Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden are superdelegates. Both Senators Andrew Cuomo of New York and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts are superdelegates. What is the likelihood that Bill Clinton will vote against his wife for Bernie Sanders?

So far, Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders in superdelegates than Hillary Clinton even though he has done extremely well in states that use the electoral process to decide delegates, or of those states who use the caucus process.

Regular delegates or “pledged delegates” are usually people who go to the Democratic national convention with a commitment to vote for a particular candidate, where a superdelegate is not bound to vote for any particular candidate and are allowed to vote for whoever they pay to choose.

In the opinion of many people, the power and influence of the superdelegates seem to override the democratic process because it empowers superdelegates to wield more power and influence as to who gets elected as the Democratic Party nominee. It appears that these superdelegates have their thumbs on the scale, holding power that the regular delegates.


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GOP Women Speak Out on Donald Trump

GOP Women Speak out on Donald Trump

For the life of me, I don’t understand why any woman would even be a member of the GOP. Period. The GOP has shown itself to be a male-dominated political party that never has had the best interests of women at heart. Donald Trump represents the worst-case scenario possible for the entire GOP, not just women.

The sexism and misogyny of Donald Trump have been well documented for quite a while, even before he became a presidential candidate. How does the GOP possibly think that Republican women are going to support someone like him? Because women make up more than half the population of the United States, the GOP will probably (hopefully) self-destruct just as they deserve. I would be willing to bet that GOP women comprise more than half the electorate in this country.

This video about how GOP women feel about the nomination of Donald Trump is one of the best videos I’ve seen yet about this topic. I highly recommend watching it.


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The Right-Wingers Contradictions About Free Speech

The Right-Wingers Contradictions about Free Speech


the right-wingersHave you ever noticed that when protesters show up at a mostly right-wing political gathering, the right-wingers contradictions always run rampant? They always complain about how the protesters are interfering with their First Amendment rights to free speech.

Yet, the right-wingers can show up at a political event, sometimes with guns (i.e. town hall meetings), intimidating people who want to attend these gatherings, often to express a dissenting position from that of the right-wingers, but the right-wingers never seem to recognize that they are interfering with the First Amendment rights of those people. What is wrong with this picture?

Why can’t these idiots understand that the U.S. Constitution is for all citizens, not just for those people who have a certain viewpoint? They never seem to be able to recognize that their position is contradictory, at best.

The right-wingers always to think it’s okay for them to take ownership over the U.S. Constitution, but deny that same sense of ownership to everyone who disagrees with them.

The U.S. Constitution was written for everybody, regardless of political viewpoint. It sure would be nice if the right-wingers would recognize that fact. This country would be so much better off if they did.


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