Clean Energy: The United States Missing Out On a Golden Opportunity

Clean energy sources

As the Paris climate talks begin, the die is already cast: The world is going to move toward cleaner, more sustainable sources of energy. The question for U.S. policymakers is whether the world’s biggest economy gets left behind.

Source: Clean Energy Gathers Steam | Truthdig: Drilling Beneath the Headlines

Clean Energy: United States Missing Out On a Golden Opportunity

Even though the United States is heavily involved in talking about clean energy, talking is about all we are doing. However, maybe something will come out of this talk, but only if we are able to effectively silence the climate change deniers.

President Obama has given some very good, effective speeches at the currently ongoing Paris climate talks. Hopefully, he will be able to effectively fight off the climate change deniers, most of whom are Republicans (big surprise, right?)

We need to all face the fact that unless global warming and climate change are dealt with quickly and effectively, we are all dead. If we keep on using fossil fuels, instead of clean energy, our planet will no longer be able to sustain us. The ironic part of this is that clean energy, if developed properly, can virtually eliminate our ridiculous use of obsolete technology, namely fossil fuels. There is really no reason why we should continue depending on coal and petroleum, especially when better clean energy technology is within our grasp. If only we would start getting serious about developing it.

The further development of clean energy potentially has a twofold benefit; cleaning up our planet and creating a huge number of jobs. Why should we allow conservative dinosaurs to thwart us in our efforts to save our planet? There is absolutely no reason why these people should not be silenced, and removed from the decision-making process. Climate change deniers should just admit that most of them have large amounts of money invested in coal and petroleum and are willing to place every person on this planet at risk, just so they can make money. Do these people actually think that they can take their ill-gotten gains with them after they die?

Most countries around the world, especially those in Europe and the Far East, most notably China, have all committed to reduce the amount of carbon emissions by very drastic amounts. These countries seem to recognize the danger of not using clean energy more than the United States. Whereas we should be leading the way to a cleaner, safer, and more habitable planet. We should be the ones leading the way in the development of alternative clean energy sources.

A huge number of jobs could be created in the United States by manufacturing windmills, solar panels, geothermal, and other sources of clean energy. We have the manufacturing capability to do a good job of manufacturing the necessary components for clean energy use. Why our so-called “leaders” insist on being so shortsighted and lacking in vision is mind blowing to me. Alternative clean energy holds a great potential for the creation of many badly needed jobs. These jobs would also be real jobs, not just McJobs. American workers would be able to display that they still have knowledge and experience enough to do something other than flip burgers.

As a devout anti-capitalist I hate to even bring in profit as a motive for the development of clean energy sources. However, since capitalism still plays too large of a part in the great scheme of things, I am willing to go with it this time, for the sake of saving our planet and the people who inhabit it.

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