Bernie Sanders: The Main Reason to Elect Him President

The recent decision by the Fed to raise interest rates is the latest example of the rigged economic system. Big bankers and their supporters in Congress have been telling us for years that runaway inflation is just around the corner. They have been dead wrong each time. Raising interest rates now is a disaster for small business owners who need loans to hire more workers and Americans who need more jobs and higher wages. As a rule, the Fed should not raise interest rates until unemployment is lower than 4 percent. Raising rates must be done only as a last resort — not to fight phantom inflation.

What went wrong at the Fed? The chief executives of some of the largest banks in America are allowed to serve on its boards. During the Wall Street crisis of 2007, Jamie Dimon, the chief executive and chairman of JPMorgan Chase, served on the New York Fed’s board of directors while his bank received more than $390 billion in financial assistance from the Fed. Next year, four of the 12 presidents at the regional Federal Reserve Banks will be former executives from one firm: Goldman Sachs.

These are clear conflicts of interest, the kind that would not be allowed at other agencies. We would not tolerate the head of Exxon Mobil running the Environmental Protection Agency. We don’t allow the Federal Communications Commission to be dominated by Verizon executives. And we should not allow big bank executives to serve on the boards of the main agency in charge of regulating financial institutions.

If I were elected president, the foxes would no longer guard the henhouse. To ensure the safety and soundness of our banking system, we need to fundamentally restructure the Fed’s governance system to eliminate conflicts of interest. Board members should be nominated by the president and chosen by the Senate. Banking industry executives must no longer be allowed to serve on the Fed’s boards and to handpick its members and staff. Board positions should instead include representatives from all walks of life — including labor, consumers, homeowners, urban residents, farmers and small businesses.

Source: Bernie Sanders: Elect Me President and We’ll Kick Big Bankers Out of the Federal Reserve – Truthdig

Bernie Sanders: The Main Reason to Elect Him President


The fact that Bernie Sanders would regulate this nation’s economy is the primary reason that he should be elected President of the United States. Everything he says in this quote is absolutely true.

The economy of the United States has been controlled by big bankers for far too long, and Bernie Sanders has some great ideas about how to change that situation, and makes the economy more fair than it is. The entire game has become so rigged against the average person that it is nothing less than an atrocity, and Bernie Sanders will change that if he is given a chance.

When Senator Sanders says that banking officials should not be allowed to occupy seats on the board of the Federal Reserve, because he says it is a direct conflict of interest is absolutely correct. The current situation is unacceptable, and Bernie Sanders recognizes that fact.

No doubt, he will have to find an uphill battle to win his goal, but if anyone can do it is Bernie Sanders. This is a major reason that I will vote for him to win the Democratic nomination over Hillary Clinton. Can you actually see Hillary Clinton getting tough with the big bankers? I sure as hell can’t!

She has way too many friends on Wall Street to even suggest that big banks be regulated. They are among some of the biggest supporters and contributors. Do we really expect her to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs? No, only Bernie Sanders, who takes no contributions from these people is capable of doing the job.


Islamophobia in America: The New Racism

Islamaphobia America has been spreading lately like some type of new disease.
In reality, anti-Muslim sentiment has been around for quite a while.

Islamophobia in America: The New Racism


islamophobiaIslamophobia in America has spread lately like some type of new disease. In reality, anti-Muslim sentiment has been around for a while. Even though I first noticed anti-Muslim sentiment becoming increasingly prevalent, especially after 9/11, even to the point of isolated cases of violence against Muslims being committed, anti-Muslim sentiment in the United States as grown.

Between the recent acts of terrorism that was committed in San Bernardino and the racist anti-Muslim rhetoric being spread around by the likes of Donald Trump and others, Islamophobia in America has grown to new proportions. Donald Trump, as well as other members of the Republican Party, in particular those running for president, are fanning the flames of anti-Muslim sentiment. They are playing to the lowest common denominator of racism in America to put forth their point. Trump has gone so far as to suggest the banning of Muslims who are allowed to come to the United States.

The definition of Islamophobia is fear of Islam, a religion which unfortunately most Americans don’t understand, or try to understand. Instead of educating themselves about Islam, they are taking the easy way out, as usual. Many racists, who fortunately are a small minority of Americans, are taking advantage of this situation to further their ugly cause; in this case, the vilification of Muslims.

This fact is how the right-wing is using Islamophobia in America to their advantage. They are playing on the fears of the average American who really doesn’t understand Islam, or the religion of Muslims. The one question I always ask myself in these situations is, how can you hate something or be afraid of it, if you don’t understand it? Many times, I feel quite ashamed of my fellow Americans, not for their ignorance, but for the fact that so many of them seem to be proud of it. Islamophobia in America is a very clear case of why I sometimes feel ashamed to be an American. Far too often have I saw my fellow Americans wallowing in racism and interest as though it was something they should be proud of. The increased Islamophobia in America is something that makes me feel ashamed. Unfortunately, far too many Americans think that fear and hatred of Islam is some weird form of patriotism.

Equally unfortunate is the fact that most Americans find it far easier to vent their unwarranted anti-Muslim sentiment than to learn about Islam. If they were to do the latter, they would find that the current wave of violence being committed by Isis, runs totally counter to what is actually written in the Koran. Unfortunately, people in this country who cater to the believe that Islam teaches people to be violent is so deep-rooted in most Americans that Islamophobia in America has become very difficult to put a stop to. It has gotten to the point that Islamophobia in America is becoming increasingly dangerous for people follow the Muslim faith. Since San Bernardino, acts of violence against Muslims has increased. Some people have actually been hurt and mosques have been targeted for bombings and arson. In fact, some mosques have already been firebombed. Incidents of violence against Muslims has increased here in the Bay Area. Just yesterday, a man was arrested in Richmond, California for making threats against Muslims. Later, when police went to his house to arrest him, they found two pipe bombs already made and more materials to make others. I hate to think about the type of havoc this cretin was intending on inflicting upon Muslims. Islamophobia in America has gotten to the point that I’m actually afraid that some innocent people are going to be killed, merely for practicing their own faith. This goes totally against the principles upon which this country was created. Freedom of religion is a cornerstone of the U.S. Constitution.

The way I look at it is that by catering to Islamophobia, we are allowing the terrorists groups such as In reality, we are allowing terrorist groups, such as, Isis and Al Qaeda to win the war on terrorism. By allowing them to make us afraid and disrupt our society, we are unwittingly handing them a major victory. We must always remember that one of the main goals of any terrorist group is to disrupt the normal day-to-day routine of people and to make them afraid. Islamophobia in America is one of those fears that is handing a victory to terrorist groups.

As usual, the media and entertainment industry has contributed to Islamophobia in America for some time, both through movies and television. I noticed this phenomenon years ago. After 1989, when the Soviet Union collapsed, Hollywood needed a new set of villains. Before, when the Soviet Union was still in existence and people were indoctrinated to view Russians as potential spies, terrorists, and enemies of the United States, they were the ones who were usually depicted as being villains. However, when the Soviet Union fell, Muslims from the Middle East were put in the position of being Americans new villains. In doing so, all the producers in Hollywood were greatly responsible for creating Islamophobia in America.

What really gets to me, especially with this situation of Islamophobia in America is the level of hypocrisy. As usual, many of the people engaged in this type of behavior identify themselves as Christians. How can they possibly think that threatening to hurt, or actually hurting, other people just because they belong to a different faith is Christian behavior.

Even though I identify as an agnostic, which to me means that I am neither a believer or non believer in Christianity, I always ask myself a simple question that I wish more so-called Christians would ask themselves. That question is, “How would Jesus Christ behave in this case? What would he say or do?”

My interpretation of a Christian is someone who emulates Jesus Christ. If Christians are truly going to do that, do they honestly think that putting people down for being a different faith than them is right? Even though I am not a Christian, I highly doubt that Jesus would behave in the same way as some of my fellow Americans choose to behave. But, that’s just me!

The everyday terror of Islamophobia in America | Fusion

Jul 23, 2015 When Tigani Mohamoud bought a fixer-upper house in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, he remembered an adage from Sudan: know your neighbors.

Islamophobia: Understanding Anti-Muslim Sentiment in the West

According to “Fear, Inc.,” a report by the Center for American Progress, a network of misinformation experts actively promotes Islamophobia in America.

Bernie Sanders Wins Fight with DNC

The The a.m. In a statement, the [Sanders] campaign announced that the DNC “capitulated” and expressed its confidence that it would be able to return to normal by Saturday morning.

The DNC cut off its access to the all-important voter file, without which an effective presidential campaign cannot be run, on Wednesday after it was revealed that Sanders campaign staffers had improperly accessed confidential data belonging to the Clinton campaign. The staffers had been able to do so because of a glitch in the voter file during a routine software update by the vendor, NGP VAN.

The suspension of access to the voter file sparked an immediate uproar. In a Friday media conference, Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager, accused the DNC of sabotage while his counterpart on the Clinton campaign, Robbie Mook, openly accused the Sanders campaign of committing theft on a conference call.

The DNC’s chair, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who was a national co-chair of Clinton’s 2008 campaign, said in a statement: “The Sanders campaign has now complied with the DNC’s request to provide the information that we have requested of them. Based on this information, we are restoring the Sanders campaign’s access to the voter file, but will continue to investigate to ensure that the data that was inappropriately accessed has been deleted and is no longer in possession of the Sanders campaign.”

In contrast, Weaver said: “We are extremely pleased that the DNC has reversed its outrageous decision to take Sen. Sanders’ data. The information we provided tonight is essentially the same information we already sent them by email on Thursday.”

The Sanders operative added: “Clearly, they were very concerned about their prospects in court. Now what we need to restore confidence in the DNC’s ability to secure data is an independent audit that encompasses the DNC’s record this entire campaign.”

Source: Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Triumphs Over DNC Effort to Block Access to Voter File – Truthdig

Bernie Sanders Wins Fight with DNC

Senator Bernie Sanders, as I knew he would, won his fight with the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The fight was over whether or not Senator Sanders would be allowed to access the DNC national voter database. The DNC claims that a campaign staffer broke the rules and accessed some information on the database that actually belong to Hillary Clinton, his rival in the 2016 Democratic primary.

The DNC caved in as soon as Senator Bernie Sanders filed a lawsuit against them. As damages, in his lawsuit, Bernie Sanders was demanding $600,000 per day. The DNC immediately surrendered, knowing that the lawsuit was one that they could not win. The reason for this was because it was unfounded and based on total bullshit. Not only that, but this lawsuit made the DNC look bad because it pointed out and highlighted their political games. Could it also be that the actions of the DNC reflected badly on their “chosen one” Hillary Clinton. This just raises more suspicions on the Clinton campaign that they are getting scared of Bernie Sanders, and are willing to play political dirty tricks in order to win.

As it turns out, the company that maintains this database, NGP VAN admits that a software glitch may have caused the data in question to be accidentally released. In other words, this entire incident, in all likelihood, may not have even been the fault of a campaign staffer working on Bernie Sanders campaign.

Is also worth noting that a vice president of the company, NGP VAN just happens to be Aaron Wasserman, the brother of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the Chair of the Democratic National Committee. Anybody smell a rat here besides me? After all, it’s a well-known fact that Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest supporters.

Please take the time to read the block quote at the top of the page. It gives a lot of relevant information to this story.

Bernie Sanders suspends two more staffers in DNC data breach

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton seemed to patch things up on the debate stage Saturday night over the Sanders camp’s improper access of voter information compiled by Clinton’s campaign. But despite Sanders’ apology, the fallout from the data breach …

Bernie Sanders suspends two more staffers in DNC data breach

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton seemed to patch things up on the debate stage Saturday night over the Sanders camp’s improper access of voter information compiled by Clinton’s campaign. But despite Sanders’ apology, the fallout from the data breach …

Bernie Sanders is having an effect on Hillary Clinton’s campaign

The first debate in the Democratic presidential primary contest put the “part” in “participatory democracy.” Not only was the debate wonderfully substantive—particularly in contrast to the juvenile insult-fests known as the Republican debates—but it reminded the American people why we have campaigns in the first place. When it works, democracy …

BREAKING NEWS: DNC Making a Blatant Attempt To Sabotage Bernie Sanders Campaign

“They are not going to sabotage our campaign,” Sanders’ top aide Jeff Weaver said.

Source: Chaos in the Democratic presidential primary – POLITICO

BREAKING NEWS: DNC Making a Blatant Attempt To Sabotage Bernie Sanders Campaign

This is nothing more than a blatant attempt by the Democratic National Committee to sabotage the haired girl” Hillary Clinton. She is the one that the DNC has chosen to be the candidate for president of the United States, even before the primaries are held.

Before, when the DNC did not regard Senator Bernie Sanders as a serious candidate or a threat to Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, everything was okay with the “powers that be” within the Democratic National Committee. However, now that Senator Bernie Sanders has gained the endorsement of three major labor unions and has raised more money by private grassroots donations than any other candidate in history, they are starting to get scared. This latest bunch of bullshit shows just how scared the DNC really is about a Democratic Socialist, like Senator Sanders, becoming the Democratic nominee to run against whatever clown emerges from the Republican Party’s clown car (a.k.a. their slate of candidates).

In some ways, maybe Bernie Sanders should be complimented to know that the DNC is finally starting to take him seriously. On the other hand, he ought to be highly insulted that the DNC is trying such an obviously underhanded trick being played on the American people. In their small little minds, they think that playing these political games is okay. Well it’s not okay!

These latest shenanigans by the DNC just goes to show something that my late father said for years; “what choice do we really have? What we have in this country is two parties of crooks to choose from. Why bother to vote?”

I, for one, refuse to play their game. On election day here in California, I will go proudly into the polls and cast my vote for Senator Bernie Sanders, the best candidate to be president of the United States.

Sanders campaign threatens legal action against DNC

Washington (CNN) Bernie Sanders‘ campaign on Friday threatened to take the Democratic National Committee to federal court if the party organization doesn’t restore the campaign’s access to a crucial voter database. The development came after the DNC …

Martin Shkrelli Learns That Karma Can Be a Real Bitch

The 32-year-od Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO and Wall Street player became a source of schadenfreude on a mass scale Thursday with the news that he had been arrested for securities fraud.

Source: VIDEO: ‘Pharma Bro’ and Hedge Fund Profiteer Martin Shkreli Arrested for Fraud | Truthdig: Drilling Beneath the Headlines

Martin Shkrelli Learns That Karma Can Be a Real Bitch

Martin Shkrelli, head of Turing Pharmaceuticals, Inc., was arrested today for fraud and taken into custody remember, is the person who raised the price of a antiviral drug, used by people with HIV, by an unconscionable 5000%. If today’s arrest doesn’t make you believe that “what goes around comes around,” isnt true, I don’t know what will.

Even though the charges brought against Martin Shkrelli wasn’t about the grossly overpriced drug that is company produces, it really did my heart good to see the videotape of his arrest, and him being walked out in handcuffs, by the FBI. Hopefully, justice will be served and Martin Shkrelli will do some serious time in prison. As far as I’m concerned, he deserves everything he gets. He has already earned the unsavory title as the “most hated man in America,” because of his obscene profiteering at the expense of people with HIV.

Today’s charges stem from Martin Shkrelli defrauding investors in a hedge fund that he operated before becoming CEO of Turing pharmaceuticals, Inc. Apparently, he didn’t disclose certain financial information about his hedge fund, that he is legally required to disclose. When that particular hedge fund starting to fail, Martin Shkrelli started another one. Then, he is alleged to have used funds from the second hedge fund to pay off the debts of investors of the first hedge fund.

When this hedge fund also started to fail, he formed a pharmaceutical company, then used the profits to pay off his creditors from the other two hedge funds is started and managed. Basically, what Martin Shkrelli was doing was running a Ponzi scheme, like Bernie Madoff. Officials are calling Martin Shkrelli a “millennial Bernie Madoff.”

Even though today’s arrest of Martin Shkrelli is important, unfortunately, he is just the tip of the iceberg in an evil corrupt system. Today’s arrest may send some kind of message to corporate America that they are not invulnerable, or “too big to fail”, it will actually have little effect in cleaning up our system.

I’m sure we all know the truth that for every one Martin Shkrelli who gets caught playing dirty, there are probably a couple of hundred more just like him who will most likely get away with it. This type of behavior is not unheard of in corporate America. To me, it just proves what an evil and corrupt system capitalism really is. It also makes it very obvious that we the people need to take back our economic system. We all need to collectively pull down on that big handle and flush capitalism down the toilet, because that’s where it belongs.

The FBI Took Martin Shkreli But They Left His Wu-Tang Album

FBI officials arrested the notorious pharma executive Martin Shkreli Thursday on allegations of securities fraud, but they didn’t have the authority to seize the $2 million Wu-Tang Clan album purchased by the 32-year-old pharmaceutical entrepreneur
Martin Shkreli perp walk arrest hoodie becomes hot selling item

Can you believe Martin Shkrelli’s hoodie only cost $15!? He’s a dirtbag, but the guy knows a value! — Ruckus Jones (@RuckusJones) December 17, 2015. Nothing like a grey hoodie for your walk of shame. What a dill hole.


Philadelphia Mayor Calls Donald Trump an Asshole

Philadelphia’s mayor called Donald Trump an ‘a$$hole’ and it is a thing of beauty


Philadelphia Mayor Calls Donald Trump an Asshole


Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia, puts two words what many people have already thought, when he calls Donald Trump an asshole. I for one know that I’ve said this same thing many times. Donald Trump is one of the biggest assholes that has ever walked the earth.

Trump’s latest racist rant against Muslims, and his plan to ban them from entering the United States, is the type of thing that earns him that very appropriate label. Mayor Nutter goes on to say some very pertinent things about how we cannot have a person like Donald Trump involved in foreign policy. His latest unjustified attack against Muslims makes it very obvious to many people that Donald Trump is totally unfit to be president of the United States. In fact, the very idea of him even getting the Republican nomination is very scary. Even members of the Republican Party are starting to condemn his radical racist remarks, and tried desperately to distance themselves from him.

However, I believe this is another case of too little too late. If the Republicans didn’t believe deep down in some of his statements, they probably would have condemned Donald Trump much earlier than they did, but in my opinion they waited too long. It’s as if the entire Republican Party closed the barn door after the cattle had already escaped. Now, many people are starting to think that Donald Trump is a representative of the way the Republican Party really feels. I agree with them

Donald Trump is only putting into words what many of them already think and feel, but are too scared to actually say. Don’t get me wrong because I truly do believe that many Republicans are not racists, although some of their behavior towards President Barack Obama has strongly implied that they are really racist. I will always feel that if Barack Obama was a Caucasian, he would have been treated better and with more respect. Even though the Republicans deny this, I will always believe it with every fiber of my being. Over the years, I’ve learned about our society to be able to spot a racist, a mile away.

In some ways, even though I am totally against Donald Trump and his racism, I don’t mind seeing him running for the position of Republican nominee. If by some chance he gets the nomination, the Republican Party doesn’t stand a chance of winning the 2016 election; something which I hope for every day. The last thing this country needs at this time is another Republican president, especially a lowlife like Donald Trump.

Dee Snider to Trump: I may not take it anymore

Washington (CNN) Dee Snider isn’t sure if he’s going to take it anymore — when it comes to his friend, Donald Trump, using his music. In light of Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States, the Twisted Sister lead singer said that

Donald Trump suggests he can circumvent the U.S. Constitution when dealing with Muslims

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – – GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump, having said earlier that he might … Source: If Trump can track Muslims, close Mosques, what can he do to You?   Donald Trump suggests he can circumvent the U.S. Constitution when dealing with Muslims   When I first saw this …

When Rich Old White Men Stop Losing Control of the United States

  The rise of Trump obliterates all other issues — campaign 2016 is now almost entirely about race Source: The Republicans Are Now Officially the Party of White Paranoia | Rolling Stone When Rich Old White Men Stop Losing Control of the United States The way I view the Republican Party of today is …

The Man Who Stole the 2000 Presidential Election

Since the 2000 presidential election, I can’t help but to wonder how things would be in this country, if it wasn’t for the 2000 Florida election.

The Man Who Stole The 2000 Presidential Election


Since the 2000 presidential election, I can’t help but to wonder how things would be in this country, if it wasn’t for the 2000 Florida election. Even though I will freely admit that I’m not a huge fan of Al Gore, this country would be so better off if he would’ve been elected president in the 2000 presidential election. In my opinion, things would be much better than they currently are.

Recently, I read an article in entitled, “The Bush presidency was my fault: I am so sorry my work stopped the Florida recount – . It was written by a math professor named, John Allen Paulos. Professor Paulos wrote an article in the New York Times entitled, “We’re Measuring Bacteria With a Yardstick“, which had a major effect on the 2000 election results.

In his article, Professor Paulos makes the claim that the Florida election system was so flawed that it was virtually impossible to declare a clear-cut winner. One major factor that Professor Paulos cites in his very interesting article is the effect of the 2000 presidential election butterfly ballot. As I understand it, a butterfly ballot is a poorly designed ballot that has a spine up the middle of it that causes it to be like a booklet. In the 2000 Florida election to these butterfly ballots made a huge difference because the name of the candidate was not in perfect alignment with the yes or no section of the ballot. Because of this defective type of ballot, many votes that should have gone to Al Gore mistakenly went to Pat Buchanan, who ran as an independent.

One judge, Chief Justice Charles T Wells, who was involved in helping to judge the legality of a recount of the 2000 Florida election results that was taking place, used some quotes from the article that Professor Paulos wrote to stop the recount, which gave the election to George W. Bush.

As some of you may remember, another issue that greatly effected the 2000 Florida election results was the “hanging chad”. What the term “hanging chad” means is a very small piece of paper that is left hanging in the hole left in the ballot after it has been punched. Everyone taking part in the room recount in the 2000 Florida election was confused by what the hanging chad even was. It was because of this confusion that Florida Supreme Court stops the recount of the 2000 Florida election results.

As far as I’m concerned, George W. Bush stole the 2000 presidential election. It has been shown a number of times that Al Gore clearly won the 2000 presidential election popular vote. When I think of how different things would be if Al Gore would have been elected president in the 2000 election instead of George W. Bush, it makes me sick.

For one thing, I seriously doubt that Al Gore would have stooped so low as to “cherry pick” intelligence data to get us involved in the unnecessary and unjustified war in Iraq. About 5000 American soldiers who were involved in this atrocious war would still be alive today.

Also, since Al Gore is a good environmentalist, we would be much farther along in solving the problem of global warming and climate change; something that we would all benefit greatly from.

If only the 2000 presidential election, but not have been fixed; something that I have always personally believed happen, especially since they’ve shown that Al Gore had actually gotten more than 500,000 popular votes across the country than George W. Bush.

Supreme Court of Florida

Supreme Court has heard many historic cases, most notably the 2000 presidential election Florida recount case Bush v. Gore. See also: History of Florida

Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election

Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election is a 2002 47-minute documentary made by Richard Ray Pérez and Joan Sekler, and narrated by Peter Coyote,