Donald Trump suggests he can circumvent the U.S. Constitution when dealing with Muslims

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – – GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump, having said earlier that he might …

Source: If Trump can track Muslims, close Mosques, what can he do to You?


Donald Trump suggests he can circumvent the U.S. Constitution when dealing with Muslims


When I first saw this story, originally on TruthDig, I was even more appalled at Donald Trump that I thought possible. Frankly, I have always hated the guy, but this brought my hatred to a new level. Mostly, I hated Donald Trump because he was a horrible example of a capitalist who had been pimping the system for years, for fun and profit, mostly profit. He has abused every bankruptcy law to make his fortune. Donald Trump has been stomping all over the average American working class person for more years than I can remember. It’s people like Donald Trump that has made me a devout anti-capitalist; something that maybe I should thank him for because I actually feel good about myself hating capitalism with a passion.

It seems that Donald Trump is actually proposing entering the identity of every Muslim in the United States into a central database, so they can be tracked. He has even suggested that it would be appropriate to put some type of mark on these people, just because they’re Muslims. Not only that, but he is actually suggested closing down every mosque in the United States would be an appropriate measure.

Hopefully, you know enough about the history of the 20th century to be reminded of one other time this happened. That was when Hitler and the Nazis started forcing all Jews in Germany to wear a yellow Star of David on their clothing. So, Donald Trump is actually proposing that we do the same thing here, except for Muslims instead of Jews?

To me this confirms one thing I have known for quite a while, Donald Trump is a hard-core racist. Added to that, his latest remarks show him to be a total fascist because what he is suggesting is akin to the fascism that took place in Germany.

This is just goes to show you how much Donald Trump is unqualified to be president of the United States because he doesn’t even know the basics of the U.S. Constitution. If he had a brain in his badly coiffed head, he would know that such a maneuver would be a gross violation of the first, fourth, and probably fifth amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

As anyone who has taken a basic civics class knows the First Amendment right of the US Constitution guarantees that anyone be allowed total freedom of religion. So Donald Trump is actually proposing that it’s okay to circumvent an important part of our Constitution by interfering and infringing upon the rights of Muslims who practice their faith? Whose rights does he propose infringing upon next, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Catholics? Who?

The fourth amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects people against unlawful search and seizure, which he would be infringed upon, because forcing a person to surrender their identity onto a central database would be unlawful search and seizure because it would force one group of people to allow themselves to be categorized as criminals. Donald Trump is actually suggesting that Muslims be classified as criminals?

The fifth amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects people from self-incrimination. In other words, if Muslims surrender themselves to be entered into a central database or be forced to wear some type of identified symbol, it would be forcing Muslims to admit that they are criminals, which is something they certainly are not.

No president of United States has the right to circumvent the US Constitution. Nor does Congress, nor does the US Supreme Court. How does Trump actually think he can get away with his ridiculous proposals?

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The US Role in Creating Terrorism around the World


“Source: From the Annals of U.S. History: America’s Role in Creating Islamic Extremism – Truthdig

The US Role in Creating Terrorism around the World.


The United States needs to start accepting our role in the creation of terrorism around the world. Even though many Americans would like to forget about it, we are the ones who created Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda by giving these people weapons to fight off the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Our entire involvement in Afghanistan in the 80s was nothing more than just another case of the United States fighting another “proxy war” with the Soviet Union. We did the same thing in both Korea and Vietnam, even though we like to also like to forget that, primarily because both were debacles, especially Vietnam, that ended very badly for us.

We would also like to forget that the Iraqi war was totally unjustified because the dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, was in no way involved on the attack on the WTC on September 11, 2001, even though American “intelligence” says he was. Pres. George W. Bush and VP Dick Cheney, were able to sell their case for going to war in Iraq by “cherry picking” intelligence data to make it appear that Saddam Hussein was directly involved in the act of terrorism on 9/11. In reality, Al Qaeda was not allowed to operate in any way inside Iraq simply because Saddam Hussein wouldn’t allow them inside his country. Don’t get me wrong, because I’m certainly not defending a horrible despot like Saddam Hussein because he was surely a horrible person. Despite this, whether we like to admit it or not, Saddam Hussein played a valuable part in controlling terrorism by ruling Iraq with an iron fist. During his time, there was no “power vacuum” existing in that part of the world where groups involved in acts of terrorism could operate freely.

However, when we took over Iraq and eliminated Saddam Hussein from power, we created such a large “power vacuum” that it easily allowed a terrorist group, ISIS, to fill the void left by the death of Saddam Hussein. Going back even further, we cannot forget that Saddam Hussein came into power after a US sponsored coup d’état allowed him to take power.

When is this country ever going to learn to mind our own damn business, stay-at-home and take care of business here in the United States, and stop trying to manipulate affairs and other countries? It sure would be nice if it would happen quite soon, or we run the risk of another act of terrorism be committed on US soil, such as the attack on the World Trade Center.

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The TPP: Worse Than We Thought

The White House has finally released the text of the trade deal, and the reviews are scorching.

Source: TPP: A Sweetheart Deal for Corporations, a ‘Disaster’ for People’s Rights


The TPP: Worse Than We Thought


Even though we pretty much knew that the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) was a bad thing for the United States, after the full text was released last week, way of finding out that it is every bit as bad as we thought. Even though what we knew about the TPP through leaks, it turns out it was 100% accurate; the TPP is horrible for the United States, American workers and citizens.

TPP is a threat to not only American workers but our national sovereignty as well. It will allow for corporations to sue if an American law in a way threatens their ability to make a profit. In other words, if a municipality or state decides it doesn’t want a coal mine, a foreign corporation who may all of the coal mine can sue the state or municipality; basically overruling an existing American environmental protection law.

In other words, the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act will be rendered meaningless by the TPP. Another example, if an environmentally dangerous practice, like fracking, is slated to be used, a state will not be able to enforce any ban against fracking. Since we all know that fracking is a very harmful process, causing damage to the environment, this alone could be a potential disaster because it will force an unsafe practice down the throats of the American people whether they like it or not. And the Obama administration actually had the gall to deny this would happen?

Laws that we depend on who protects us, like food safety regulations, can be overturned by any corporation suing using the TPP as a basis for the lawsuit. We will be forced to eat for food products that may be potentially harmful because they haven’t been properly inspected. The reason why they won’t be properly inspected is because food safety regulations will be rendered meaningless.

We will be forced to deal with any corporation or any country, despite the fact that they may have discriminatory laws against gays, women, or any other group. Why does an administration that seems to have pledged itself to the enforcement of laws protecting minorities now think that this is okay, under the TPP? For the life of me, I can’t see why Pres. Obama should have caved in on this issue.

However, we still still have the chance to stop the TPP. Many organizations like the Sierra Club,, labor unions, and many others are organizing opposition to the TPP.

The potential job loss caused by the TPP is even worse than we initially thought. It will put American workers into direct competition with workers in Asia who make far less of a wage. How is this fair in any way? The answer is an obvious no, it is very unfair. Corporations in the United States will be given carte blanche to ship as many American jobs overseas as they want to.

It seems that the Obama administration apparently has taken to heart the old saying, “Money talks, bullshit walks”.

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Sen. Bernie Sanders Calls for Reform in Criminal Justice System


Sen. Bernie Sanders Calls for Reform in Criminal Justice System


Sen. Bernie Sanders calls for a reform to our broken criminal justice system. He speaks in particular about how many people are arrested for marijuana possession. He also talks about the racial disparity of arrests in the United States. Sen. Bernie Sanders points out the discrepancy in these arrests and points out that mostly black and Latino people are arrested for possession of marijuana, compared to white people. He goes on to point out how unlikely it is that a Caucasian would be forced to stop for the same penalty as a person of color.

He also points out the fact that once you have a criminal conviction, it makes it next to impossible for you to get gainful employment or receive any type of government-sponsored services. Sen. Bernie Sanders says this dooms many people who have been convicted of a crime, even a small offense to unnecessary failure.

Sen. Bernie Sanders also calls for Pres. Obama to remove marijuana from its current classification as a Schedule 1 drug. For those of you who may not know, a Schedule 1 drug is a classification that is reserved mostly for drugs that are highly addictive and dangerous; something which Marijuana certainly is not.

Even though he applauds Pres. Obama for backing off in states that have realized marijuana for medicinal reasons, he points out that a presidential administration in the future, could go back and start prosecuting medicinal cannabis dispensaries.

He rightfully points out that there are better things that police can be doing to protect the public, then going after people who are in possession of marijuana. However, Bernie Sanders stops short of calling for a total legalization of marijuana, although he does say that this entire thing is very much a states rights issue.

Sen. Bernie Sanders also calls for a reform in the broken criminal justice system that will deal with gun violence. He rightfully says that dangerous people should be locked away from society. He in no way justifies criminal behavior, but says that our present system simply isn’t working.

Sen. Sanders cites the fact that the United States currently has over 8 million people incarcerated, many of which are for nonviolent offenses, such as possession of marijuana. Bernie Sanders also points out that the United States has more people who are incarcerated that China, which he describes as a “communist and totalitarian regime.”

I agree with every point that Sen. Bernie Sanders makes in this speech, given on the floor of the US Senate.

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Chalk One up for the Environment: Obama Finally Kills Keystone XL

The move follows months of widespread expectations that Obama would kill the pipeline.

Source: Obama rejects Keystone XL pipeline

Chalk One up for the Environment: Obama Finally Kills Keystone XL


I am very pleased that Pres. Barack Obama finally decided to kill the Keystone XL pipeline. By doing so, it guarantees that some of the most productive farmland and delicate ecosystems is protected against a potential disaster. For now, the Ogallala aquifer is safe from possible destruction.

This entire issue has been going on for way too long. Not being one who looks a gift horse in the mouth, I really don’t know why he didn’t do what many of us were hoping he would do a long time ago; oppose the Keystone XL pipeline.  Perhaps, Pres. Obama did not feel safe taking a position against the Keystone XL. Maybe, since he is now considered to be a “lame duck” president with only about a year left in office, Pres. Obama finally felt safe enough to take a solid position against the pipeline. For all we know, Pres. Barack Obama may have been against this very controversial project from the very start of his administration. Maybe one day, Pres. Obama will share this information with us, perhaps in his memoirs.

Pres. Barack Obama really did not say anything that many of us have known for quite a while; the Keystone XL pipeline did not serve the United States. If the president would have listened to most environmentalists, he probably would have been against the Keystone XL pipeline for quite a while.

I’m sure that the bigwigs at TransCanada is just about ready to jump out the window, but who really cares? I sure as hell don’t! As far as I’m concerned, this is a huge victory for those of us who consider ourselves to be environmentalists. Finally! Chalk one up for our side!

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