Second GOP Debate: Will the Whining Ever Stop?

If the Republicans ever came up with a fresh idea, maybe they would stop your whining about the second GOP debate of 2015.

Second GOP Debate: Will the Whining Ever Stop?


Second GOP debateIf the Republicans ever came up with a fresh idea, maybe they would stop their whining about the second GOP debate of 2015. But since that has happened, if it ever has, they will probably keep on complaining about the questions they were asked at the second Republican debate. Personally, I thought the questions were perfectly fine at this debate.

Nearly all of the Republican candidates complaints about the second debate basically boil down to the fact that the questions were too challenging and they didn’t have any answers of any real relevance.

Their primary source of complaint that the Republican candidates seem to have is with CNBC, the network that moderated the second GOP debate. They are claiming that the questions were “gotcha” questions.

In other words, the questions were too thoughtful and well composed. The questions asked by the moderators challenged the debaters and forced them to actually think and give some real solid answers about their various policies; something that no GOP candidate is willing to do, probably because they don’t have any answers.

Most prominent among the complainers, or “whiners” as I call them was Donald Trump. In fact, he was complaining about the moderators and CNBC even before the debate happened. It seems that CNBC has put him down in the polls and has been rather critical of him and his candidacy. During the debate, Donald Trump, got visibly angry when one of the moderators actually questioned both the legitimacy of his presidential candidacy, as well as his plan to build a wall between the United States and Mexico. Apparently, Donald Trump doesn’t like being put in a position where he actually has to stop and think, give relevant answers, or stop bashing his opponents which has been a cornerstone of his entire candidacy.

I thought that the three moderators from CNBC did a good job of hosting the second GOP debate. It’s too bad that most of the prominent members of the “Republican clown car” have no real answers to anything; a condition that has existed for many years. Now, this bunch of whiners, backed by the Republican National Committee (RNC) has decided to sever all relations with the entire NBC network. I suppose they expect a well-respected news network like NBC to be more like Fox News, the propaganda outlet for the GOP. I seriously doubt that this will happen, at least I hope it doesn’t, despite how much whining the GOP candidates do about the second GOP debate.

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Is CNN really deleting Pro-Bernie Sanders Comments and Lying About Debate?


Is CNN really deleting Pro-Bernie Sanders Comments and Lying About Debate?


This video by this YouTube station, “Secular Talk” discusses something that I have wondered about for quite a while. It asked the very important question, is CNN deleting pro-Bernie Sanders comments and lying about who actually won the Democratic presidential debate.

Even though after watching this video you may think that I’m pandering to conspiracy theorists, I really don’t think I am because this video raises a very valid questions about how our media is pro-Hillary Clinton. For quite a while, I have thought the the media was giving more coverage to Hillary Clinton and tried to influence people away from Bernie Sanders. It also raises the question about who actually won the Democratic debate that was hosted on CNN, Hillary Clinton or Sen. Bernie Sanders. At first, even CNN itself said that Bernie Sanders won, then mysteriously changed their mind and started saying that Hillary Clinton won the debate. Is it possible that CNN could have been “gotten to,” by the Clinton campaign. Or, are they just tried to influence the election?

I think Bernie Sanders won the debate as do many other people.  I say this because most people that I talked to think that Bernie Sanders actually won the debate, even though CNN is just about the only so-called “mainstream media” outlet that declared Hillary Clinton as the winner. Most of the other major news outlets also seem to think that Bernie Sanders won the debate, even though many of them have since mysteriously “retracted” their original stories that said that Bernie Sanders won. If this doesn’t raise a few questions with more than a few people I would be highly surprised.

It has become very obvious to me that the “mainstream media” has become increasingly biased against Sen. Bernie Sanders and in favor of Hillary Clinton. I really resent the way our so-called “mainstream media” is trying to influence the 2016 presidential election. It also asked the question, “do we still have a free press left in the United States?”






Greedy Pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkrelli complains about Bernie Sanders

Source: Pharma Bro still butt-hurt, now calls Bernie Sanders a demagogue


Greedy Pharmaceutical CEO  Martin Shkrelli complains about Bernie Sanders


Martin ShkrelliFor some reason, I  knew that we had not heard the last from this greedy little bastard, Martin Shkrelli, the CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals. As most of you probably know by now Martin Shkrelli is the greedy capitalist CEO who tried to do some blatant profiteering from the misery of HIV patients by raising the price on a drug used to treat people with HIV by a whopping 4000%.

Now this greedy little bastard actually has the gall to call Bernie Sanders a demagogue, just because Sen. Sanders rejected his campaign donation of $2700. In an interview, he had the audacity to say,

I think that he is a demagogue. He’ll say anything to get a vote and for me to be his piñata is unacceptable. I think he has some really great ideas…

Instead of accepting Martin Shkrelli’s contribution, Bernie Sanders instead donated the money to a nonprofit clinic in Washington DC that specializes in treating people with HIV; something else that  Martin Shkrelli actually has the gall to harshly criticize Bernie Sanders for doing. I suppose it is quite naïve for anyone to expect anything different from someone who tried to profiteer from the misery of other people, just like most of big Pharma.

As far as I’m concerned, people like Martin Shkrelli represents everything that is wrong with capitalism and a free market system that is not regulated in any way. He is nothing more than a poster child for greed in the United States, were seemingly it’s okay to do anything, no matter how despicable, for a profit.

What really gets me is that Martin Shkrelli is too stupid to realize that the more he harps on this subject, the more credence he gives to Bernie Sanders and others who are realistic enough to take on big Pharma and its outrageous profiteering. The best thing that Martin Shkrelli could do right now is just shut the hell up and go back to his office, if he still has one. I suspect that his Board of Directors may have other ideas for his future. If anyone on the Turing Pharmaceuticals Board Of Directors has any brains, they will terminate him soon.

Personally, I hope that Martin Shkrelli keeps on running his mouth because it only gives those of us who have an ax to grind against big Pharma, which is most people, more weight to add to our already good argument in favor of regulating the pharmaceutical industry.

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Turing’s CEO, former hedge fund manager Martin Shkrelli, explained the price increase as guaranteeing a “reasonable profit” to his company. After all, he said, “I am a capitalist.” There’s just one problem with that viewpoint: Health care is not a free

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Led by former hedge fund manger, Martin Shkrelli, this company had the audacity to raise the price of Daraprim from $13.50 per pill to $750. There was no new R&D expenditures or any new science that went into the drug. This is simply profiteering at

Big Pharma CEO Pitches a hissy fit after Bernie Sanders rejects his contribution

Turing’s price-hiking executive sent candidate $2,700 in effort to have a sitdown about drug prices.

Source: Bernie Sanders rejects CEO Martin Shkreli’s campaign donation – The Boston Globe


After reading this story, my first reaction was to say to myself, “Bernie Sanders is so great!” It seems that Sen. Sanders rejected a campaign contribution of $2700 from pharmaceuticals CEO, Martin Shkreli of Turing Pharmaceuticals. If you pay attention to the news, you might know that Turing Pharmaceuticals recently raised the price of an anti-parasitic drug used in the treatment of HIV by a whopping 4000%. Talk about profiteering, this takes the cake.

This is just one more reason I plan on voting for Bernie Sanders for president of the United States. This is just one more example of how ethical Bernie Sanders really is. Most politicians, would have just taken the money. Instead of just giving just giving the $2700 back to Shkreli, instead Bernie Sanders chose to donate the money to Whitman-Walker Health, a clinic in Washington DC that specializes in the treatment of HIV. I’m sure said that to a capitalist, profiteering bastard like Shkreli, this must have been like adding insult to injury by Sen. Bernie Sanders. After all, aren’t people with HIV the very people that Shkreli and his shareholders trying to make a profit from?

To me, this is nothing less than karmic justice for Mr. Shkreli and the apparently bloodsucking shareholders of Turing Pharmaceuticals. How dare they try to make this type of obscene profit at the expense of sick and dying people. However, as we all know, the primary goal of big Pharma is to make a profit from the misery of others. Sen. Bernie Sanders, a long time opponent of profiteering by the pharmaceutical industry, makes a huge statement here by rejecting Martin Shkreli’s contribution.

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Bernie Sanders is having an effect on Hillary Clinton’s campaign

The first debate in the Democratic presidential primary contest put the “part” in “participatory democracy.” Not only was the debate wonderfully substantive—particularly in contrast to the juvenile insult-fests known as the Republican debates—but it reminded the American people why we have campaigns in the first place. When it works, democracy not only educates and engages voters, it educates and shapes the candidates, too. And that potential was on full display at the Democratic debate.

Source: Here Are The Two Best Things About The First Democratic Debate

Sen. Bernie Sanders, even though many people still think that he is not a contender for president of the United States, anyone who watched last night’s Democratic debate may start to change their minds. He is starting to be taken more seriously than he was before. It’s very plain to see that Sen. Bernie Sanders is starting to have an effect on the Democratic Party’s “golden girl”, Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton actually agreed with Bernie Sanders on a couple of major points, not the least of which is her apparent willingness to start getting tough on Wall Street banks; an issue that she hasn’t even spoken about, probably because they rank among her supporters. Bernie Sanders has never pulled a punches when it comes to taking a hard line against the big banks. For her to change her position on this vital issue, shows that Bernie Sanders apparently is having some effect on her campaign. Of course, he has also put her in a position where if she avoids vital issues like out-of-control banks and Wall Street speculators, it will damage her campaign. That’s one reason why the candidacy of Sen. Bernie Sanders is so important.

I think that Sen. Bernie Sanders constant long-standing battle against both the TPP (Trans-Pacrific Partnership and the Keystone XL pipeline has also put Hillary Clinton in the indefensible position where she finally had to take a position on these vital issues. Thankfully, she has came out against both. I personally believe without unseen pressure from the Bernie Sanders campaign she may not have taken this petition so quickly about these two vital issues, although I do think that she could not have put off taking a position much longer. Again, he put her in a position where she had no other choice. These two issues are one big reason why I think that Bernie Sanders is starting to at least sway the Democratic election in his direction.

This entire election has proven to me personally that any influence from the Left is a necessary component of our democracy. Sen. Bernie Sanders proves this point very well.

FINALLY! Hillary Clinton opposes the TPP

Her endorsement would have given wary Democrats political cover.

Source: Clinton defection complicates trade pact’s path – POLIT


TPPIt is quite refreshing to see Hillary Clinton finally start taking some actual positions, in this case, opposing the TPP instead of avoiding important issues. If she hopes to become president of the United States she really needs to start being more open and candid when she is asked important questions. By her inaction and refusal to take positions against controversial and crucial items like the TPP and the Keystone XL pipeline, she was shooting herself in the foot. Her poll diminishing numbers show that. She was actually starting to lose quite a few supporters in her bid to become president.

On the other hand, her primary opponent for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders has been a staunch opponent of the TPP for a very long time. Given that fact, as well as pressure from unions and other major factions, Hillary Clinton actually had no other choice other than to oppose the TPP; a trade bill that if it would’ve gone through, would have caused great damage to the American economy. Of course, the final trade bill will still go through the usual process in Congress, and still could be passed despite the opposition of Hillary Clinton. However, her opposition will go though quite a ways in helping to defeat this horrible trade bill which would  cost millions of American workers their jobs to workers in Asia, who are more than willing to work for lower wages.

Even though I plan on voting for Bernie Sanders, I have gained a newfound respect for Hillary Clinton because of her position.

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