Social Security Disability Benefits Face Cuts

Eleven million people face a deep cut in benefits next year if Congress fails to replenish Social Security’s disability trust fund, the administration said.

Source: Social Security Disability Benefits Face Cuts in 2016, Trustees Say – The New York Times

Social Security Disability Benefits Face Cuts


social securityWhen I first read this story about Social Security, I was totally outraged.  Sometimes, I believe that our so-called “leaders” in Washington DC are in the process of eliminating disabled people altogether by starving us to death.  How are we supposed to survive on the paltry sum of money that we currently get, let alone if they impose a 19% cut.

Personally, I live on straight Social Security so I probably won’t be as affected by this proposed cut as people hold them on SSDI or SSI.  Those people, at least here in CA, only receive about $845 per month to live on.  They are barely scraping by, as it is.  Expecting them to survive on less money is nothing less than an atrocity.  Multiply this amount by 12, and you can easily see that people on SSI or SSDI are currently living on starvation wages.

It’s hard enough for those of us on straight Social Security to get by with about $1145 per month, the amount I receive per month, so the politicians actually expect people on SSI and SSDI to survive?  What a bunch of bastards!

In January, when I received my earned income statement from the Social Security Administration (SSA), I found out that last year I received the whopping total of $14,644, well below the poverty limit.  To think that my disabled brothers and sisters who live on SSI and SSDI are forced to live on far less, makes me absolutely livid. We deserve to be treated with respect and provided enough money to live on.  Instead, we have a system that treats us like we were beggars instead of equal citizens.

The thing that really gets me is the fact that the politicians always act like there’s not enough money to properly fund the Social Security Trust Fund.  As anybody who has been around the block a couple of times knows, this is total bullshit.  After all, the U.S. Congress is always more than willing to throw a bunch of money across the river to the Pentagon, every budget cycle.  If there is enough money to maintain our bloated military, why isn’t there enough money to maintain funding that people rely on to survive?

Social Security’s support for people with disabilities faces challenges in …

Stanford economist Mark Duggan suggests that the Social Security Disability Insurance program could benefit from new reforms. His research shows that inconsistencies exist in how the program determines if a person is sufficiently disabled to qualify
Senate Bill May Kick 200,000 Off Social Security If They …

The large transportation funding bill moving through the Senate would end Social Security benefits for 200,000 people who have an outstanding felony arrest warrant—but have never been convicted by a court, or have a …
GOP Plans To Hold Social Security Hostage — And ‘Phase Out’

I get really impatient with the lazy “there’s no difference between the two parties” trope. One big difference is that the majority in one party is trying to expand Social Security, and the majority in the other is trying to destroy it.

When Is the Appropriate Time To Discuss Gun Control, If Not Now?

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) on Friday said that it is not the appropriate time to discuss gun control policy following a deadly shooting at a movie theater in Lafayette, La.”We are less than 24 hours out, we’ve got two families that need to bury their loved ones. We’ve got families waiting for their loved ones to leave the hospital and are praying for their recovery,” Jindal said at a Friday press conference, according to The Hill. “There will be an absolute appropriate time for us to talk about policies and politics, and I’m sure that folks will want to score political points of this tragedy, as they’ve tried to do on previous tragedies.”

Source: Jindal: Now Is Not The ‘Appropriate’ Time To Discuss Gun Control


When Is the Appropriate Time To Discuss Gun Control, If Not Now?


As far as I’m concerned, now is exactly the time to begin discussing gun control.  Apparently, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who no doubt is probably in the pockets of the NRA (a.k.a. the gun lobby) disagrees with me and others.

What is it going to take for these right-wingers to wake the hell up and start realize that gun control has already been a subject that should have been discussed years ago.  How many more killings do these jerks need to see before this very important topic has already been postponed for far too many years.

This time, as many other politicians have done, Governor Jindal uses the excuse of “grieving families” as an excuse not to discuss gun control.  They did the same thing after the Columbine High School Shootings, the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary the mass shooting at the Colorado movie theater, and every other incident of gun-related violence that has occurred over the past several years.  My question to them is, “when is the appropriate time?”

Don’t get me wrong.  It may sound as though I’m blaming only the right-wing conservatives for the current lack of discussion about gun control, not to mention actual legislation dealing with this problem that confronts our country, but that is not the case.  Democrats really haven’t done anything either.

Remember after the horrible incident at Sandy Hook how President Obama was so determined to enact some type of legislation geared at controlling the amount of guns being so available to anyone?  Well, as we all know, no type of actual gun control legislation has been passed let alone even introduced on the floors of Congress.  As far as I’m concerned, Democrats are equally responsible for the lack of discussion and gun control legislation.  President Obama just didn’t push hard enough.

How many more people have to die before our so-called “leaders”wake the hell up and actually do something to protect the American people from gun violence?

Sanders visits Louisiana, talks civil rights, gun control – Yahoo News

KENNER, La. (AP) — Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Democratic candidate for president, said Sunday that common ground can be found on gun control, even though people from rural areas like his home state of Vermont have very different views on guns than …
After theater shooting, Jindal lands in controversial gun-control spotlight …

That didn’t prevent gun control advocates from landing on Jindal with both feet. The New Republic accused Jindal of enabling gun violence in Louisiana — a state with one of the highest rates of firearms violence and least-restrictive gun regulations


Some Major Reasons Why Bernie Sanders’ Candidacy Is So Important

Thanks to social media campaigns and behind-the-scenes work from the Progressive Democrats of America, Sanders’ chances at president have become a reality.

Source: Progressive Democrats of America Bring Movement Pressure to Dems Through Bernie Sanders Campaign – In These Times

Some Major Reasons Why Bernie Sanders’ Candidacy Is So Important

The candidacy of Senator Bernie Sanders is probably one of the most important factors of any election that I have experienced in my fifty-nine years of life on this planet.  As far as I’m concerned, he will go down in history as the most important political figures of this century, and probably a good part of the last century.  Even if Bernie Sanders doesn’t win the presidency, his candidacy is an extremely important factor in the 2016 election.  Personally, I plan on switching from the Green party back to the Democrats just so I can vote for him.

As far as I’m concerned, the real importance of Bernie Sanders candidacy for president comes from the fact that he will force Hillary Clinton into actually saying something relevant about real issues that confront the American people, rather than the usual meaningless fluff and rhetoric that usually turn these elections into just more bullshit that is responsible for causing far too many potential voters to just glaze over, lose interest, and just sit on their asses on election day.  People simply don’t vote because they are sick and tired of the same old thing; meaningless bullshit that has no real relevancy in their day to day lives.  Bernie Sanders is a good alternative because he, and his ideas, are something people can relate to because many of them have been thinking the same ideas for many years.

People in this country need to realize that the status quo is no longer working, and we need to change things radically, for this country is doomed to become the oligarchy that Senator Bernie Sanders says it will.  We cannot afford any more “corporate rule”.  We have had far too much of that already.  As a result, the middle working class in this country is being destroyed at an alarming pace; something that Hillary Clinton hasn’t even addressed, whereas Bernie Sanders makes it a constant source of his advocacy.The United States badly needs a person of Bernie Sanders capability and leadership, not the same old status quo; something that I greatly fear Hillary Clinton represents.

Chris Matthews’ dumb Bernie Sanders disdain: Dopey pundit drools over W’s …

I don’t think anybody`s thinking, commander-in-chief Bernie Sanders! It`s unimaginable!” It’s unimaginable to Chris Matthews—who, typically, once drooled over George W. Bush’s “amazing display of leadership,” the day Bush paraded around beneath the …
Trumka: I’m not trying to slow the Sanders surge

Labor chief Richard Trumka on Monday defended the memo he sent last month to AFL-CIO leaders telling them to stop trying to endorse Bernie Sanders, saying it was more a helpful reminder than an effort to slow the Sanders surge. “They’re not going rogue



Is Bernie Sanders a “True Socialist” Or Just a True Progressive?

Bernie’s socialism isn’t a “charade.” It’s a provocation—and a brilliant one, at that.

Source: The Political Genius of Bernie Sanders’ Socialism – In These Times

Is Bernie Sanders a “True Socialist” Or Just a True Progressive?

I found this article very interesting because it actually raises a few questions about Bernie Sanders, although I’m not entirely sure whether these questions have any validity or meaning.  The facts about whether he is a “true socialist” or just a good progressive candidate running for president of United States has become irrelevant.

As far as I’m concerned, Senator Bernie Sanders is a much-needed breath of fresh air that this country badly needs. Bernie Sanders is the most truthful and credible candidate for the presidency of this country.  Never in my life have I been able to say that about any other candidate for any office, let alone chief executive of this nation.  It feels very good to finally have someone to vote for without having to hold my nose and pick the lesser of two evils.

His opponents, one of them a member of the Democratic Party, are not only getting rather vicious towards him, but are starting to show some fear of his candidacy.  Most of the time, Senator Sanders self identifies as independent, although he is running for the Democratic Party nomination. That’s probably because most of them are too ignorant to know what a “true socialist” is, just like some of their colleagues in the Republican Party. Remember when these idiots kept saying that President Obama was a “socialist” because of some of his policies?

However, I learned a long time ago that labels mean very little, especially in politics.  Whether or not Bernie Sanders is a “true socialist” or a “true progressive” doesn’t really count for that much. What is truly important is his viewpoint and fresh ideas for transforming the United States into a truly great country, instead of the capitalist armpit, totally lacking in any kind of human compassion or kindness for their fellow citizens that it has become.

Our political spectrum has become so skewed over the years that whether you are conservative, moderate, or liberal, hardly has any real significance.  So many people insist on classifying Hillary Clinton as a liberal/progressive, it’s got to the point of being ridiculous because she is neither.  Sometimes, I wonder whether people, including myself, even recognize the true stance of any candidate.  I remember a time when the lines between conservative, moderate, and liberal were very clear-cut and obvious.

Even though Senator Bernie Sanders identifies himself as a democratic socialist and as a progressive, I’m really not sure how important this is.  What I do know is that Bernie Sanders is the best candidate for president of United States to come along in my lifetime.  I truly believe that this country needs his wisdom, experience, and vision.


Bernie Sanders Trolls Hillary Clinton Outside Her Meeting With Senate Democrats

WASHINGTON — As former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Senate Democrats at their weekly lunch meeting on Tuesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), one of her rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination, seized the spotlight to air out
Bernie Sanders Fanatics Invade Comic-Con, Try to Drown Out Christian Radicals

When over 130,000 souls descended upon Comic-Con over the weekend in San Diego in search of Batman, Superman, and Han Solo, they were greeted by an unlikely face: Bernie Sanders. Each day of the four-day pop culture confab, congoers trudging …


Donald Trump Exploits Tragic Murder of San Francisco Woman

Source: Donald Trump again criticizes border security after a California woman is slain – LA Times

Donald Trump Exploits Tragic Murder of San Francisco Woman


donald trumpJust when you think that Donald Trump can’t possibly be a bigger insensitive, racist asshole, he turns around and surprises us.  At this point, I’m actually starting to wonder if there is any bottom to his pit of hateful bullshit. As you may remember, Donald Trump was one of the primary cheerleaders of the birther movement, demanding that President Obama publicly show his birth certificate.  That’s one reason I label him as a racist.

Now, closely following his racist remarks about Mexican immigrants where he labels them as “rapists” and “killers” he has the gall to exploit the tragic murder of Kathryn Steinle for his own political gain. Ms. Steinle was murdered on Pier 14, while walking with her father by an illegal alien, Francisco Hernandez. Trump is now using the fact that Hernandez has seven felony convictions and five deportations as some type of “justification” for his racist remarks.

Even though I will admit that I have some questions about why an illegal alien with seven felony convictions and five deportations was even allowed to be here, that still doesn’t excuse Donald Trump’s exploitation of this tragedy.  By using this tragedy as some type of justification for his ugly remarks about Mexican immigrants, Donald Trump shows himself to not only be a total lowlife, but someone who is hardly presidential material, as if anyone takes his presidential bid to be serious.  He is just another wealthy, racist, asshole seeking even more attention.


Why Donald Trump really scares the GOP – Business Insider

Republican Party leaders are very concerned that real-estate magnate Donald Trump could mount a third-party campaign for president, The New York Times reported Friday. And Trump, who is campaigning for the GOP …
Spineless Coward John Boehner Refuses To Condemn …

When he was asked about Donald Trump, Speaker of the House John Boehner refused to speak out against the Republican presidential candidate’s racist comments.



AFL-CIO Leader Richard Trumka: The Embodiment Of Political Prostitution

Source: AFL-CIO leader tries to quell pro-Sanders revolt – Brian Mahoney – POLITICO


AFL-CIO Leader Richard Trumka: The Embodiment Of Political Prostitution


AFL-CIO leaderOnce upon a time, before the union movement forgot and betrayed its true purpose, Bernie Sanders was the type of candidate they would have jumped at.  However, the AFL-CIO leader Richard Trumka, is getting heavy-handed and basically has forbidden union locals from endorsing Senator Bernie Sanders.  This is one of the worst cases of political prostitution that I have saw in my lifetime.

Bernie Sanders is exactly the type of candidate that the AFL-CIO should be endorsing, not rejecting.  Senator Sanders stance on income inequality, redistribution of wealth, raising the minimum wage, and most other positions that the Senator takes, are exactly the type of issues that unions should be working to carry out, not working against.  I’m sure that some union leaders of yesteryear are probably rolling over in their graves at the actions of Richard Trumka.

Thankfully, many unions in this country are defying the “orders” issued by Richard Trumka.    They are smart enough to know that their so-called “leader” has sold out to the corporate establishment.  His actions are nothing less than a complete betrayal of the union movement and everything that it is supposed to represent.

This entire issue begs the question, “what’s in it for him?”  What does AFL-CIO leader Richard Trumka stands to gain?  After all, don’t prostitutes always get paid, even political prostitutes?


Trumka Sidelines Local And State Labor Endorsements For …

State and local AFL-CIO leaders are feeling pressure from their national president, Richard Trumka, to not endorse Democratic presidential candidate Bernie.


Bernie Sanders Calls for Wealth Redistribution

“Our job is to redistribute wealth back into the hands of working families.”

Source: In Front of 10,000 in Madison, Bernie Sanders Calls for Wealth Redistribution – In These Times

Bernie Sanders Calls for Wealth Redistribution


At this point, I’m sure that Hillary and her campaign advisers are starting to look over their shoulders at Bernie Sanders. If they aren’t, they are either in some type of state of denial or just plain stupid.  Senator Bernie Sanders is showing himself to be a real strong contender for the Democratic nomination.

Personally, I’m overjoyed at what is happening.  As someone who has voted diligently since I turned eighteen in 1974, I finally have a candidate I can vote for and feel very good about it, instead of the usual picking the “lesser of two evils” as I have always been forced to do. For the first time since I began voting, I feel truly inspired that we finally have a candidate in Bernie Sanders that I can feel good about supporting. I hope others will feel likewise.

And the message that Bernie Sanders puts forth is something that I have believed it for many years; redistribution of this nation’s wealth.  Even though in many circles, Bernie Sanders may be harshly criticized, one circle of Americans that won’t criticize him is the fast disappearing middle-class.  At first, some of them will criticize him for his bold statements, basically because they have always been brainwashed into thinking that socialism is a threat to the American way of life, but after they understand what Bernie Sanders is trying to say, they will come to realize that what he says makes total sense. Hopefully, Americans will do something that they haven’t done it a long time; get off their asses and vote. The way I look at it is, if you can’t even be bothered to go to the polls, then you have no right to bitch about how things in this country are going down the toilet.

After all, is it really fair for the middle class to work longer hours for less pay, a situation that has gone on for far too long, to pay less taxes than some billionaire?  Hell no!  It isn’t! And I truly believe that many people will see that Bernie Sanders is anything but a dangerous threat to the so-called American way of life.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s high time that the “American way of life,” is turned on its head.  Bernie Sanders is the one person that can do that.


Bernie Sanders Gains on Clinton in Early-State Polls, Hits Iowa Patriotic …

On Saturday night, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders wrapped up a three-day charm offensive that took him through a half-dozen counties in Iowa. He brought standing-room crowds to small-town cafes and his Fourth of July schedule was packed with parades, …

Bernie Sanders Terrifies Wall Street By Vowing To Keep …

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) dropped a bomb on Wall Street today when during a CNN interview he vowed that if elected, the fat cats will have no place in his cabinet. Transcript via CNN:.