NRA Board Member Blames Charleston Pastor For Charleston Massacre

Source: NRA board member blames Charleston shooting deaths on pastor’s vote against guns in churches

Just when you might think that a prominent member of the NRA can’t stoop any lower, they always turn around and fool us. In what has become a classic right-wing tactic of blaming the victim, Charles “Chas” Cotton, a board member of the NRA had the audacity, not to mention bad taste, to blame pastor and State Senator Clementa Pinckney of The Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church for causing his own death and those of his parishioners in the massacre at his church, last Wednesday night. In doing so, he got only makes himself look like a total insensitive and callous idiot, but also downgrades the NRA to an even lower status than they already have.

The primary reason this NRA board member is assigning blame to this pastor is because, in his role as a State Senator of South Carolina, pastor Pinckney voted against a South Carolina concealed carry law in 2011.  This controversial law, which was thankfully defeated, would have allowed people to carry concealed guns into churches and daycare centers.

At this point, why should I be surprised at the lack of sensitivity of a prominent member of the NRA?  After all, the NRA has displayed a similar lack of compassion at other mass shootings that have occurred in recent years.  After I heard the horrible news about this massacre in this church, I was actually waiting for some member of the NRA to come forth with some of their usual bullshit.

The NRA once again shows itself to be nothing more than a bunch of pimps for the gun manufacturers.


NRA big shot blamed Charleston pastor for murders

The NRA has a different point of view. I get that. The organization and its members have every right to advocate for their beliefs. The NRA spends millions on what may be the most successful lobbying effort in Washington, one in which lawmakers

NRA selectively interprets 2nd Amendment

As sure as nine people have been butchered by yet another gun-wielding maniac, there will be an outcry for more laws controlling the sale and registration of firearms, and the NRA will again claim they are heroically upholding the Second Amendment


The IFA: Newest Enemy Of the Disabled and Seniors

Can workers centers and unions create a movement strong enough to fight back?

Source: The Anti-Union Bosses’ Group Fighting Fast Food Organizing Is Now Going After Home Care Workers – In These Times


The IFA: Newest Enemy Of the Disabled and Seniors


It seems that the disability and senior communities have yet another enemy; the IFA (International Franchise Association).  They are the group who is fighting against SEIU to keep homecare workers wages down and substandard.

As a person with a disability who depends on homecare workers for my survival, I thank “In These Times” very much for this article, documenting a battle that basically revolves around the issue of who controls the lives of people with disabilities and seniors.  The last thing we need is for another corporate entity like the IFA to impose itself into our lives. This entire battle conveniently leaves out that we disabled our equal citizens, and have every right to decide who takes care of us, and who touches our bodies. The IFA needs to back off and stop interfering with the independent lives of the disabled and seniors.  We are the ones who have the right to decide our destiny, not a large, highly financed organization such as the IFA. Disabled people and seniors are not commodities, we are people who have for far too long been denied our independence.  The IFA serves no real purpose here, other than to make an issue that should be very clear-cut into a cluttered mess where the independence of people disabilities is trampled on.

However, I strongly question why no representatives from the senior or disability communities were not interviewed for this article to have some balance.  Why was our perspective left out?  There is no shortage of disability and senior advocates who could have contributed a lot to this story.

There is an old saying in the disability rights movement that says, “Nothing about Us, Without Us.”  Isn’t our perspective important enough to “In These Times” to include us in this story?  One would think that a magazine that is well-known to be liberal and progressive would leave out of an important story, the largest minority group in the United States; people with disabilities.

We have been working together for many years with SEIU to raise the wages for home care workers because when our workers are paid what they deserve, everybody wins; the disabled, seniors, and our workers.  Why was this very pertinent fact left out of this story?

We in the disability community have fought against the “for-profit” homecare industry probably longer than SEIU or any other union. We consider it as yet another battle for our civil rights as equal citizens, and for the chance to live in a free society, just like everyone else.

For us, it’s a matter of personal autonomy and who controls the lives.  For-profit agencies don’t give a damn about independent living, personal autonomy, or personal control that we disabled advocates devote our lives to because it is our civil rights that are being violated by for-profit homecare agencies.

Dylann Roof Represents The Sickness That Plagues America

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Resize by dragging with the right mouse button.” src=”” alt=”” width=”404″ height=”288″ />To pretend to be surprised by his crime is to be complicit in it.

Source: Dylann Roof Is America | Alternet

The Sickness That Plagues America


When I first read this story about Dylann Roof , I thought that possibly AlterNet had overstated both their title and their cover line.  By saying that Dylann Roof is America is frightening.  However, after reading the article a couple of times, and letting it digest for a while, I can see where they make tremendous good sense.

Whether we like to believe it or not, there are many ignorant and dangerous people just like Dylann Roof inhabiting our country.  We are plagued by the ugly specter of racism that drives people like Dylann Roof to commit these horrible acts of terrorism.  What he did on Wednesday, June 17th can be described as nothing less than terrorism.

Unfortunately, people seem to forget the recent history of this country, mostly because it has never been taught to most of today’s youth.  Violent racism is nothing new.  This type of terrorism has gone on, especially in the deep South for many years.  Killing African-American people simply because of who they are has been going on for many years.  Who can forget the church bombing that killed four little girls in the 60s? Dylann Roof shares the same hateful mentality as the terrorists who committed this awful crime.


Online manifesto linked to Charleston suspect Dylann Roof shows evolving …

He uploaded snapshots of himself burning the American flag and holding a Confederate one. He railed about blacks taking over neighborhoods and ruining the country. In a chilling vow, he said he would have to be the one to do something about it. Dozens

The Deeply Racist References in Dylann Roof’s Apparent Manifesto, Decoded.

The manifesto and photos apparently posted to the web by alleged Charleston gunman Dylann Roof, first unearthed on Twitter by @EMQuangel and @HenryKrinkIe Saturday morning, are full of references to white supremacist groups and terminology.


How the TPP Amounts to a Corporate Takeover

The question is whether we should allow rich corporations to use hidden provisions to dictate how we will live.

Source: How the TPP Amounts to a Corporate Takeover

President Obama’s push for the TPP (Transpacific Partnership) has made me come to the conclusion that he is a true corporatist in every sense of the word.  I have supported him through his entire presidency, now I feel betrayed.  There is no way he cannot know that the TPP will just cause more outsourcing of American jobs to foreign countries.

There is absolutely no way that President Obama doesn’t know the ramifications of the TPP; outsourcing of jobs, allowing tribunals to overrule Americans regulations (there goes the environment), and causing his fellow Americans higher prices on their medicines.

Basically, President Obama is saying to us, “trust me”, but anyone who has listened to the facts that we do know about the TPP, especially after reading WikiLeaks, knows that it is a bad deal that will hurt a lot of people, especially our workers.  How are American workers supposed to compete with workers in the Far East who are making little more than $.50 per hour.  Not to mention that many of these workers are children because most of these countries have no laws protecting children from exploitation. Even though I have mostly been willing to trust the president on most things, I refuse to trust him when it comes to the TPP.

Another thing that pisses me off about the TPP debate is the fact that President Obama, and other proponents of the TPP (mostly Republicans), wants to allow no debate whatsoever.  The full text of the TPP hasn’t even been released to members of the public, or even our representatives in Congress, even though they are the ones who will vote on it.  Thankfully, the Democrats in Congress are standing fast in their opposition to “fast-track“.  After all, that’s what fast-track means; no debate in committees or even discussion.

In his advocacy for fast-track, President Obama flies in the face of democracy.  What is more undemocratic than not to allow discussion, even in a legislative body like the U.S. Congress?


TPP fast track is dead! (for now)

The Obama administration had asked Congress for “fast track” authority, under which Congress would only have been allowed a yes/no vote on TPP’s many complex and controversial clauses, as well as those in TPP’s sister treaties, such as TTIA. TPP has …

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would turn over to globalists the power to issue regulations about U.S. trade, immigration, the environment, labor and commerce. It’s called a “living agreement,” which means the globalists can amend and change the


Is the Obama Administration Lying to Us About the TPP?

Populism lives to fight another day.

Source: House Rejects Obama’s Corporate-Friendly Trade Deal In Stunning Defeat | Alternet

I am very glad that quite a few Democrats crossed party lines to defeat the TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance), which was basically a precursor to the TPP “fast-track“.  Hopefully, this is a preview to the defeat of “fast-track”.

The TAA was designed to offset possible negative consequences of the TPP(Transpacific Partnership). I thought the TPP, according to the Obama administration and other supporters on the TPP, that this entire deal was a win-win for everyone involved.  He and other supporters have been trying to tell Americans that the TPP was just what we all need, and that it would greatly benefit the United States.

Is the apparent willingness of the Obama administration and other supporters of the TPP a sign that this controversial trade bill isn’t that good after all?  If the TPP was such a good idea, then why would they need TAA to offset the negative consequences?  What negative consequences could they possibly be referring to?  I thought there wasn’t supposed to be any negative consequences.  Apparently the TPP isn’t as good as we were led to believe.

One of the supposed negative consequences that TAA was designed to correct was retraining workers and helping them find new jobs.  If the TPP wasn’t a threat to the jobs of American workers, my big question is; why would they need to help American workers find new jobs if their jobs weren’t threatened? I thought it was supposed to be perfect.  Does this “contingency plan” (a.k.a. TAA) possibly mean that President Obama and the other supporters of the TPP are not being truthful with us?  To me, something smells rotten in Denmark.


TPP defeat: Why labor movement’s war against fast track may not be over

He added that “this was truly democracy in action”, a nod to the millions of Americans who had sent emails, met with lawmakers and marched in the streets to oppose fast track and Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a 12-nation pact that is being negotiated.
Here’s how much corporations paid US senators to fast-track …

A decade in the making, the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is reaching its climax and as Congress hotly debates the biggest trade deal in a generation, its backers have turned on the cash spigot in the hopes of …


How Far Out Of Control America’s Police Have Become

Any way you slice it, we have the developed world‘s highest firearm murder rate.

Source: America’s cops shoot more people than criminals do in these countries

How Far Out Of Control America’s Police Have Become


Even though I already knew that the police in this country have gotten totally out of control, I didn’t know it was this bad.  Something really needs to be done about this horrendous situation.

The original article that I use as a basis for my commentary explains how police in the United States kill more people than criminals in other countries.  This terrible situation has got to be corrected. There is a very telling graph that is attached to this article, but I could not copy it to this article.  If you read the original article that I use, you will also probably agree that the police in the United States have gotten totally out of control.  We really need to put some standards of behavior into their ranks, because they have shown themselves both unwilling and unable to clean up their own mess.

In my opinion, body cameras, though somewhat of a device that may be used for monitoring of police activity, is by no means a solution to the overall problem.  After all, how does the public have access to this video and what good does it do if this video is kept “in-house” or secret? On top of that, do people really believe that body cameras will make that much of a difference, especially if that video isn’t used effectively in an attempt to correct police officers behavior?  I know I don’t!

One thing that really makes me angry, along with a lot of other people, is the way that cops always seem to cover each other, whenever one of them makes a mistake and kills someone.  If police were more willing to cull their own ranks and cast out their fellow officers who kill innocent people, they would gain some respect among the community again.  In some respects, they have become like doctors and lawyers will always seem to cover each other’s asses whenever one of their colleagues makes a mistake, even though that mistake may have cost someone their life.

As long as police tolerate and accept other police officers brutality and misconduct, the disrespect by members of the public will continue to hang over their heads.  They just can’t seem to realize that when they maintain a “code of silence”, they are just hurting themselves in the eyes of the public.This “circling the wagons” to protect one of their fellow officers who has killed an innocent person just make them all look bad.  They should realize that!


McKinney officer Eric Casebolt resigns; police chief calls …

Editor’s note: This post was last updated at 9:30 p.m. Staff writers Charles Scudder, Sarah Mervosh and Naomi Martin report. Casebolt. McKINNEY – The police officer whose aggressive response to an unruly teenage pool …
Assault Suspect Sustains ‘Horrific’ Beating by Salinas Police …

An investigation continued Tuesday following the emergence of a video that shows police officers in Monterey County beating an assault suspect with batons while taking him into custody. A screenshot from a cellphone video …



Bernie Sanders: Fighting for American Workers


Bernie Sanders: Fighting for American Workers


Senator Bernie Sanders, in a speech outside of the US Capitol building, explains further why the TPP is a potential disaster for American workers.

In this impassioned speech, Bernie Sanders explains how environmental rules and regulations could be circumvented by any corporation whose profits would be threatened by these regulations. In this impassioned speech, Bernie Sanders explains how environmental rules and regulations could be circumvented by any corporation whose profits would be threatened by these regulations.  As an example, he tells about how a tobacco company could sue any state if that state had regulations controlling tobacco if that regulation interferes with their corporate profits.


First Draft | Bernie Sanders Calls for More and Earlier Debates

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is employing a new strategy that he hopes will help him stand out in the growing field of Democrats who are running for president: He’s calling for more debates. The Democratic National Committee has agreed to sanction …
According To Polls Most Americans Are Socialists Like …

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont self-describes himself as a ‘democratic socialist,’ but there is not only nothing ‘socialistic’ about his policies, those he does espouse are supported by the majority of Americans that likely rail …