Baltimore Police Ambush a Bunch of Kids

Baltimore teachers and parents tell a different story from the one you’ve been reading in the media.

Source: Eyewitnesses: The Baltimore Riots Didn’t Start the Way You Think | Mother Jones

Plain and simple, these kids were set up by the Baltimore police.  They were basically dragged into an ambush by the police.  I hope you take the time to read the story at the end of the link that I have included in this commentary, because it is well worth going the truth about what’s really happening in Baltimore.

If you take the time to thoroughly read this story and some of the links attached to it, you’ll see how much difference there is in the “truth” as given by the “mainstream media” and the real truth, as told by Mother Jones and some other more liberal media outlets; the ones that I personally trust more than the mainstream media.

These kids when basically dragged into this police ambush truly did not know what to do when they were confronted by the Baltimore police lying in wait for them to get out of school.  So, they reacted in a way that most teenagers react, by allowing their anger to take over and control them.

They played right into the cops evil hands, whereas a more seasoned veteran of protests and demonstrations would have known better than to allow themselves to be bushwhacked in such a underhanded way.  But, after all, they are just kids.

Unfortunately, they used this occasion to vent years of anger implanted in them by the Baltimore police, who have a history and reputation for police misconduct and brutality.  The Baltimore police have sunk to a new low by ambushing these kids.

‘No Excuse’ for Police Violence, Either – Mediaite

Activist DeRay McKesson, who’s received accolades for his work in Ferguson, got into it Tuesday afternoon with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, who wanted him to outright condemn the violence in Baltimore last night. McKesson did so …
Rachel Maddow Worries Baltimore POLICE Are ‘Out Of …

Defying common sense and parody alike, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow expressed concern during her network’s coverage of the Baltimore riots that the police were “out of control.” As fire, gunshots, and looting spread …

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Opposition to the TPP Growing Among Progressives in the Democratic Party

Opposition to the TPP Growing Among Progressives in the Democratic Party


WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama made a surprise appearance in a media conference call with Labor Secretary Tom Perez on Friday to push back on what he called “dishonest” criticism from progressives — apparently including Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) — that the Trans-Pacific Partnership was a “secret” deal.”What I am averse to is a bunch of ad hominem attacks and misinformation that stirs up the base but ultimately doesn’t serve them well. And I’m going to be pushing back very hard if I keep hearing that stuff,” Obama told a small group of reporters on the call.


Source: Obama Fires Back At Warren, Liberals Over ‘Dishonest’ Attacks On Trade Deal


Opposition to the TPP (transpacific partnership) seems to be mounting among members of the Democratic Party, some of whom have been strong supporters of President Obama in the past.  However, the president still persists in his efforts to get this controversial trade bill “fast-tracked” through Congress, despite the fact that most members of the Democratic Party, and every labor union in the country are opposed to the TPP.

The primary reason that most people, including myself, are opposed to the TPP is because of the secrecy behind it.  Since the TPP is being negotiated by corporate leaders behind closed doors raises a red flag to most people who are opposed to it.  Despite this fact, President Obama persists in his claim that the TPP is not “top-secret”, I don’t know what else you would call a proposal that even members of Congress haven’t been allowed to see, let alone read anything other than top-secret.

Now the president has the unmitigated gall to attack Senator Elizabeth Warren, saying that she has been “dishonest” and her claims about the TPP, and what it will do to this country.  He is obviously quite angry at true progressives like Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Sherrod Brown, and Senator Bernie Sanders for telling the truth about the TPP; something which he is unwilling to do. I saw the piece on the news where the president was very angry at Elizabeth Warren and other opponents of the TPP, and I couldn’t help but think that his anger was both uncalled for and badly misplaced. Where was President Obama’s anger when the Republican Party, especially the Tea Party, was attacking both him and his policies over the past 7 years?  Where was the anger when Donald Trump and the birthers when they were attacking his heritage?

If anyone has been dishonest, it’s President Obama.  After all, he is the one who is pushing to “fast-track” the TPP through Congress.  If he was more forthcoming about what’s in the TPP, and release the full text of this controversial proposal, much of this opposition might go away, unless the TPP is as bad as they say it is.  Personally, I believe what they say about The Transpacific Partnership.  I believe the TPP will be devastating to the US economy and that it will cause a huge loss of American jobs.  When opponents of the TPP say that American workers cannot compete against Asian workers, who make a fraction of what American workers make, I believe it because it makes perfect sense.

President Obama seems to be banking on people just blindly trusting him, which, in my opinion is very naïve.  Even though many people in this country have trusted in President Obama until now, his asking them to support a trade bill that has been negotiated behind closed doors by corporate leaders, is asking way too much of us.

The only thing that will satisfy opponents of the TPP is he was to just come out and let the people see what is in the TPP.  If it’s something that would be good for the country, as President Obama, and other supporters of it, mostly members of the Republican Party, say it is, we have a right to know.  By his lack of candor about the TPP, President Obama is causing people who once had faith in him to do the right thing, to lose their faith, which is too bad.

Until President Obama allows members of Congress and the people see what the TPP is really all about, I will not support his position on the TPP. This country has a history of negotiating bad trade bills that usually only benefit Wall Street and the country’s wealthy elite, such as NAFTA, which caused a great loss of American jobs to workers overseas.  This happened despite the fact that then-President Bill Clinton who was pushing for it, making what proved to be false claims that it would be beneficial.  It turned out that opponents of NAFTA were correct in their claims about how harmful it would be to American workers.

I learned a long time ago that the old saying, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”, is very true.  If President Obama expects us to support that TPP, then he needs to clear up some of the smoke (and mirrors) and prove to us that there is no fire.

Is TPP trade deal a massive giveaway to major corporations? An exchange …

And this is one of the most contentious arguments of all: The debate over the TPP’s Investor-State Dispute Settlement provision. The ISDS, which has drawn high profile criticism from Elizabeth Warren and many others, is a mechanism contained in the
Wake up economists. The TPP is not “free trade”

Going by the intellectual property and investment chapters that have been leaked via WikiLeaks, the TPP would establish a US-style regulatory structure that would hand considerable monopoly-style power to US pharmaceutical and digital firms, limiting …

Doug Hughes: An Unrecognized Hero

Doug Hughes: An Unrecognized Hero


“I’m delivering the message right to them—not for their sake, but for the impact that it will have,” he said in a video. “I’m trying to galvanize millions and millions of people to do a relatively simple thing: change the government to build a wall of separation between the government and big money so that government will represent the people. There are these problems, and these problems, and these problems, that are much more important than campaign finance reform; but those won’t get addressed until we fix campaign finance reform.”

The Worst of Our Corrupt Congress Was on Display This Past Week In Washington | Alternet.


doug hughesDoug Hughes, the postman from Florida who landed his ultralight helicopter on the lawn of the US Capitol had a lot of balls, and I applaud him.  It’s very nice to see a citizen exercising his right to protest against government policies he sees for what they are; correct and unjust.

It really says a lot about our system, when a person is forced to resort to these type of measures to make themselves heard and deliver a very important message. From the time of Henry David Thoreau protesting what he thought was an illegal poll tax that was being used to fund what Mr. Thoreau felt was the unjust war with Mexico, until the time of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and civil rights movement, civil disobedience has been one of the cornerstones of our democracy. What Doug Hughes did, even though he acted alone, was a case of civil disobedience at its finest.  He knew where he was doing was illegal, but he chose to do it anyway as a form of protest against an unresponsive system that chooses to ignore the average citizen.

If our so-called “leaders” in Washington DC would start actually paying attention to their constituency instead of pandering to corporate lobbyists, we would all be so much better off.  Our “leaders” really need to start listening to what the average American has to say.

Doug Hughes is one of those average Americans whom our government and its “leaders” chooses to ignore, but apparently he got tired of waiting for politicians to be responsive and decided to take action, no matter how drastic or even dangerous.  The Capitol police might have gotten trigger-happy, as so many police officers in this country seem to have become, and opened fire on Mr. Hughes and his ultralight aircraft.  Doug Hughes could have easily been killed for no other reason than trying to get some attention of 535 members of Congress.

Unfortunately, the protest by Doug Hughes wasn’t very effective, mostly because the mainstream media ignore his protest.  Some of the media even made fun of Doug Hughes and wrongfully depict him as some type of nutcase.  He deserves our respect, not the derision that is being heaped upon him. In reality, he is a hero.

I’m sure it’s much easier for the members of the media to sit on their asses, watching the news feed for more important stories like Kim Kardashian and her latest escapade, or show pictures of Justin Timberlake’s and Jessica Biel’s new baby, but this is hardly what they should be doing.  Frankly, the public expects more from the media, but they are just dropping the ball.  It makes me sick and it also makes me long for the “good old days” of Watergate, when our media still had enough balls to actually report on something important.

The fact that they chose not to give Mr. Hughes the proper amount of press coverage that he deserves is just further testimony that there is no longer a free press left in the United States.

Doug Hughes: Florida gyrocopter pilot says he wasn’t worried about being shot …

(AP) — The letter carrier who landed his gyrocopter on Capitol Hill says he wasn’t concerned about getting shot down as he made his final approach. Doug Hughes told ABC’s “Good Morning America” he doesn’t believe the government would have shot down …
Flying anti-corruption protestor almost shot down – delivering LETTERS to …

Doug Hughes, a US Postal Service worker from Florida, put down the tiny aircraft in the grounds of the Capitol building in Washington DC yesterday. The 61-year-old said he was carrying identical letters addressed to all 535 members of the US Congress, …

What It Will Take for Me To Support Hillary Clinton

What It Will Take for Me To Support Hillary Clinton


hillary clintonAt this point, I cannot support Hillary Clinton for president until she takes a stance against the TPP (Transpacific Partnership). This trade bill has the potential to wreak the American economy and cause a huge loss of jobs. It is what Ed Schultz calls “NAFTA on steroids.”

After watching Ed Schultz today when he was analyzing Hillary Clinton’s campaign trip to Iowa, I came to the conclusion that until Hillary Clinton takes a firm position against the TPP, I will not support her candidacy.

After watching this report by Ed Schultz, he ask a question that prompted some strong feelings about what it will take for me to support Hillary Clinton as POTUS. The question he asked was what knowledge of the TPP Hillary Clinton have what she was Secretary of State?

This excellent question raised a large red flag for me personally because, as Secretary of State, she obviously had full knowledge of the secret negotiations about the TPP, just as John Kerry, current Secretary of State does. John Kerry has openly been part of the TPP secret negotiations. My question is, what part did Hillary Clinton play in the TPP negotiations, especially since these negotiations have apparently been going on for quite some time.

So far, to her credit, Hillary Clinton has pointed out how unfair it is that the salaries for corporate CEOs is 350 times what the average salary for an employee of that corporation.  However, this fact is pretty common knowledge.  The huge wage disparities between CEOs and employees is something that has been pretty well known for years.  Mrs. Clinton restating the obvious really does not earn her many points, but for acknowledgment of this disparity does count for something.

But until she starts addressing issues such as the TPP, support for raising the minimum wage, income inequality among the general population, the Keystone XL pipeline, and other more pertinent issues that affect the average American, I will withhold my support.


Getting Started – YouTube

Hillary Clinton’s top donors are Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Time Warner, Lehman Brothers, Ernst & Young, Merrill Lynch,and Kirkland & Ellis. Wake the hell up, people. She’s the most …
One Hillary Clinton Think Piece To Rule Them All

This week, we were faced with the daunting prospect of having to make sense out of all the Hillary Clinton think pieces that were microwaved into existence after she decided to formally enter the 2016 presidential race. And there were so many pieces of …


New Federal Rule About Sheltered Workshops

New Federal Rule About Sheltered Workshops


Feds Take Aim At Sheltered Workshops – Disability Scoop.

The Obama administration is proposing new regulations that would go far in helping to stop sheltered workshops from exploiting their disabled workers. And it’s about time!

Far too long have workers with disabilities been employed at places like Goodwill Industries and other employees for a fraction of the wages that able-bodied people are paid.

Workers with disabilities deserve to be paid as much as able-bodied workers.  Just because a worker has a disability does not mean that their labors are somehow worse less that the labors of someone who is able-bodied.

Hopefully, this new rule will eliminate the current wage discrimination committed against workers with disabilities by sheltered workshops.  To me, sheltered workshops has always meant sweatshops for the disabled.  The time has come for this deplorable situation to be stopped.

Feds Take Aim At Sheltered Workshops

Leslie Winkler repackages plastic sprayers at Job One, a sheltered workshop for adults with disabilities in Independence, Mo. Proposed regulations would set new limits on who would be eligible to work in such environments. (Tammy Ljungblad/Kansas City …
Niagara Gazette Article on Sheltered Workshops – Arc of …

EDITOR’S NOTE: March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, and in support of the disability community and sheltered workshops in his district, New York State Sen. Rob Ortt is urging Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the …

Elderly Reserve Deputy Kills Yet Another Unarmed Black Man

But look at the detail. Bates is a 73 year old man who is a volunteer member of the department. He’s a wealthy insurance executive who is also a major donor to the Sheriff’s Department. He did serve for one year as an actual police officer – but that was in 1964-65!

via “I Shot Him. I’m Sorry.”.


There is no way that a 73-year-old man who was only a reserve deputy should be out on the street carrying a firearm.  The only useful thing I can see that a reserve deputy might be able to do is direct traffic at some type of event.

This particular reserve officer, Robert Bates, served as a regular cop way back in 1964-65, 50 years ago.  He should not have been out on the street on regular patrol with other officers.

Bates claims that he accidentally grabbed his pistol instead of his Taser, and fired a single shot which killed the suspect, Eric Harris.  Where have we heard this story before?  This entire story bears a striking resemblance to the case of Johannes Mehserle, the former BART police officer who shot Oscar Grant III, in 2009.

Almost as equally disturbing in this video is the way this man was treated after being shot.  Even though they know that the suspect, Eric Harris was shot, deputies continued to rough him up.  At one point, when Mr. Harris said he was losing his breath, one Deputy responded, “fuck your breath”. At no point do we hear any deputy start calling for an ambulance or start administering any type of first-aid.

Even though Eric Harris was known to be a career criminal and gun dealer; something that the mainstream media will probably use as an attempt to somehow dehumanize this victim of police violence, he did not deserve to die at the hands of Robert Bates, a 73-year-old reserve deputy who had no business even being on the streets with a firearm.  Reserve deputies, most of whom are inadequately trained and only work at being a police officer part-time, should not be allowed on the streets with a loaded firearm.  At most, they should be only armed with tasers and they should not be a 73-year-old businessman playing cop.

Thankfully, Robert Bates, the reserve deputy, has been charged with second-degree murder for what he did to Eric Harris.


Tulsa reserve deputy charged with manslaughter

A white, reserve sheriff’s deputy was charged Monday in Oklahoma with manslaughter in the death of an unarmed black suspect whose shooting while on the ground at officer’s feet was captured on videotape. Second-degree manslaughter charges were filed …

Deputy who killed man after mistaking gun for Taser is an …

Shannon Clark, Bates is a highly regarded member of the Reserve Deputy Program who was assisting the Sheriff’s Office’s Violent Crimes Task Force when Harris was shot. Clark stated that Bates is one of many wealthy …


Tell Congress: End the Millionaire Social Security Tax Break

Tell Congress: End the Millionaire Social Security Tax Break

Petition by Peter DeFazio

To be delivered to The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate

Investment bankers on Wall Street should pay the same percentage of their income into Social Security as nurses, teachers, and the rest of us. Doing so would shore up Social Security’s finances while making our tax system fairer. Take action now to end the Social Security tax break for millionaires and pass the No Loopholes in Social Security Act without delay!

via MoveOn Petitions – Tell Congress: End the Millionaire Social Security Tax Break.

Please consider signing this very important petition.  The author of this petition, Rep.  Peter DeFazio is 100% correct in his logic.  Why should a millionaire be allowed to pay the same small percentage of their income into the Social Security fund when they make probably several hundred times what the average worker makes?  There is no possible way that this is fair.