The Hype For Natural Gas

At time when there is huge controversy over fracking for natural gas, I have noticed a disturbing trend in advertising where they are trying to sell us on the use of natural gas.

The Hype For Natural Gas

At a time when  there is huge controversy over fracking for natural gas, I have noticed a disturbing trend in advertising  where they are to sell us on the use of natural gas.   In this advertising,  they are even stooping so low as to  say that fracking is safe technology.   For anyone who has paid the least bit of attention to widely publicized scientific findings and paid attention to  environmentalists,  they should know  that fracking is hardly safe.   In fact,  fracking for natural gas has been  proven to be  of the  most dangerous and polluting  techniques ever devised.

One of the most disturbing aspects of this entire issue is the fact that at a time when fracking should be banned, instead, there is a fracking boom. Even though this fracking boom has been going on since the late 70s, especially in states like New York and Pennsylvania, it has only come under heavy public scrutiny within the last several years.

President Obama, even though he has been one of the strongest advocates against the use of fossil fuels, such as, coal and petroleum, he doesn’t seem to include natural gas as a fossil fuel.  I’m afraid he may have allowed himself to be co-opted by the oil/gas industry.  In my opinion, President Obama should be advocating more strongly for the use of wind and solar power.  To his credit, he has advocated for the use of these things but just not strongly enough.  He has allowed himself to become a part of the hype for natural gas.

The president has also been one of the strongest advocates for reducing greenhouse gases, which cause global warming. If he is truly sincere about his desire to reduce greenhouse gases, he certainly should not be for increased use of natural gas because it involves the harmful practice of fracking. It is a well-known fact that fracking pushes huge amounts of methane gas into the atmosphere. Methane gas is one of the worst possible greenhouse gases, and the last thing the president should be advocated for increased use of natural gas

Granted, natural gas is the least polluting of the fossil fuels, but its usage doesn’t go without a price. When natural gas burns, it releases carbon dioxide, another harmful greenhouse gas. Since CO2 emissions have increased over the last several years, the last thing we need is even more use of natural gas

Even though it sounds like I’m putting down President Obama, in truth, I applaud his efforts at giving us a cleaner environment. I hope he continues his fight against greenhouse gases, but I just wish he would not push natural gas as much as he does.

The president has also been one of the strongest advocates for reducing greenhouse gases, which cause global warming. If he is truly sincere about his desire to reduce greenhouse gases, he certainly should not be pushing for increased use of natural gas because it involves the harmful practice of fracking. It is a well-known fact that fracking pushes huge amounts of methane gas into the atmosphere. Methane gas is one of the worst possible greenhouse gases, and the last thing the president should be advocated for increased use of natural gas.

In my opinion, President Obama should be stronger in encouraging the use of solar and wind power.

Ted Cruz: Biggest Hypocrite in Washington

Ted Cruz: Biggest Hypocrite in Washington


“It is written in the law that members will be on the exchanges without subsidies just like millions of Americans so that’s – I think the same rules should apply to all of us. Members of Congress should not be exempt,” he told the newspaper, adding that he’d like still like to see Obamacare abolished.Ironically, it’s Cruz’s fellow Republican senators that compelled him to turn to Obamacare after losing health insurance through his wife’s employer.

An amendment Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) inserted into the law required all members of Congress and their staffers to purchase health insurance on the federal marketplace.

via Ted Cruz Plans To Sign Up For Obamacare After Losing Blue-Chip Health Plan.


Ted Cruz hypocriteCould Ted Cruz possibly be a bigger hypocrite?

After haranguing us about how Obamacare (a.k.a. The Affordable Care Act) is such a “job killer”, and all of the other lies Ted Cruz  has told about this excellent healthcare solution for many Americans, he now says he plans on signing up for Obamacare.

This makes me really angry because his party, the GOP, has voted 77 times to repeal the ACA (Affordable Care Act), not to mention challenging it in the US Supreme Court.

Ted Cruz is such a hypocrite!  If he had his way, he would deprive the estimated 16.5 million people who have signed up for The Affordable Care Act of their healthcare, yet he is perfectly okay with signing up for this healthcare for himself and his rich wife.


Sex Trafficking Bill: GOP Mixing Apples And Oranges Again

Sex Trafficking Bill: GOP Mixing Apples And Oranges Again


Dems Mount Third Filibuster Of Sex Trafficking Bill Over Abortion Dispute.


sex trafficking bill_reasonFollowing along with their usual MO (modus operandi) the GOP has has put the Democrats in the Senate in a position where they have been forced to filibuster the “Sex Trafficking Bill”.  The GOP has opposed this bill merely because it allows the of victims sex trafficking to possibly use some compensation funds they will receive to pay for abortions, they may need.  Once again, the GOP is sabotaging a good piece of legislation because they insist on attaching unrelated provisions.  For them, this is nothing new. Once again, they insist on mixing apples and oranges.

The political ploy of attaching an unrelated item to a piece of legislation in order to kill the whole thing is nothing new, especially for the GOP.  Remember, last year’s Farm Bill?  On that piece of legislation, the GOP insisted on making draconian cuts to the SNAP program (a.k.a. food stamps).  What does a program designed to help America’s farmers have anything to do with a program that is designed to assist for people to pay for food?  Not a damn thing!

As far as I’m concerned, incidents like this happening in the legislative process, cries out for a change in the rules.  Unrelated items should not be mixed into a piece of proposed legislation, especially when the sole purpose of doing so is to sabotage it.  This anti-abortion provision that the GOP has mixed into a bill that is intended to protect people from sex trafficking is just another display of their anti-woman agenda which seeks to control a woman’s right to choose whether or not they have a child.

At this point, I really cannot understand why any woman would even associate herself with the GOP, especially since they make no attempt to even disguise their true motives.

Right to Work Laws: Big Business Subjugating Its Workers

Right to Work Laws: Big Business Subjugating Its Workers

A “right-to-work” law is a statute in the United States that prohibits union security agreements, or agreements between labor unions and employers, that govern the extent to which an established union can require employees’ membership, payment of union dues, or fees as a condition of employment, either before or after hiring. Right-to-work laws do not aim to provide general guarantee of employment to people seeking work, but rather are a government regulation of the contractual agreements between employers and labor unions that prevents them from excluding non-union workers, or requiring employees to pay a fee to unions that have negotiated the labor contract all the employees work under.

via Right-to-work law – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Right to work lawsWhat you see above is the definition of the term, “right to work laws”.  As I looked through it, I saw nothing but workers being denied their civil rights.  If you look carefully through this definition from Wikipedia, you will probably see the same thing.

As I remember, these right to work laws came along in the late 60s early 70s.  I remember my dad and other blue-collar workers arguing about these laws.  Unfortunately, as I remember, a lot of workers did not recognize the impact of right to work laws on their daily lives and livelihoods.

The primary complaint that I remember hearing was the belief that these laws, enacted primarily in the South, was nothing less than a blatant attempt to attract northern industries to relocate in the South, many of which did exactly that; closing down factories and moving them to southern states, because for some strange reason that I never did understand, workers in the South were willing to work for cheaper wages and less benefits.

Maybe it was because the South never had a lot of heavy industry, which has always been cited as a primary reason they lost the Civil War.  Or maybe it was because there was huge employment in the South, and workers there were desperate for jobs. In my opinion, no matter how you look at it, it was just an attempt by big business in the United States to further take advantage of and exploit the American worker; whether they be from the South or the North. For a while, it seemed that right to work laws was not really a big issue.  However, this ugly shadow has come back to haunt us, when a couple of weeks ago, Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin signed a right to work law in that state. Unfortunately, many American workers still don’t see the danger that right to work laws pose to their economic well-being. Or else, they are finally starting to wake up and see the danger that these type of laws are a major reason why they had been watching their jobs go overseas for years.  Hopefully, they will take some type of action, although it’s almost too late.

Even though the loudest opponents of right to work laws has always been labor unions, they are somewhat culpable for this situation, getting as far out of control as it has.  Far too many workers in this country have no respect for the unions that are supposed to represent their best interest. Even though I can agree with the sentiment of no respect for unions, I am vehemently opposed to all the right to work laws.  Laws of this type are not only oppressive, but gives big business too much control of our economy.  These laws basically gut the unions of what little power they have left.  Allowing big business to have this much control over workers destiny is a huge mistake that will cost this country dearly.  Right to work laws must be stopped.

I can easily remember when my dad referred to his union (UAW) as nothing but a “protection racket” because he was forced to pay union dues even though his union didn’t seem to do anything to benefit him or his coworkers. My dad resented the fact that he worked in a “closed shop”, where if you were not a member of the union you were not allowed to work there.  However, I do see the benefits of a closed shop because if you didn’t have a closed shop where everyone was free to work there, a labor union would have no power to negotiate contracts with management because all workers, even those who were nonunion employees would be allowed to vote a contract up or down.  That would not be fair to the union members who paid their dues, as well as allowing management to possibly infiltrate the ranks of the workers and interfere with contract negotiations.

Perhaps, if labor unions would have stayed pure and free of corruption, their workers would have enough respect for them to get involved in the fight against right to work laws.


Senator Bernie Sanders: Still Fighting Against The TPP

Senator Bernie Sanders: Still Fighting Against The TPP


Senator Bernie Sanders speaks out against the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership).  Senator Sanders also criticizes the mainstream media for not giving this vital story more coverage.  In this, Senator Sanders makes a very good point.  There really hasn’t been very much coverage on the mainstream media about the TPP.  The primary exception would be The Ed Show on MSNBC, where Senator Bernie Sanders has been a frequent guest.  Whenever he is on, the TPP is his main subject of criticism.

Senator Sanders compares the TPP to NAFTA because he rightfully points out that the TPP will cause an even bigger job loss to foreign nations that NAFTA did.  He cites the fact that American workers will be pitted against workers in Asia who only make about $.56 per hour.  If you were a corporatist (a.k.a. Corporation owner) what would you do, especially if you had a board of directors that you are accountable to as well as stockholders who invest in your Corporation?  The obvious answer is, you move your operations overseas to take advantage of the cheaper Asian labor.  That’s the primary reason why the TPP is a horrible idea.

One thing that gets me about the TPP is a fact that it is being negotiated in secret.  Even members of the U.S. Senate, like Senator Bernie Sanders, and members of the US House of Representatives are not being allowed to see the entire text of the document known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.  Despite this, they are being expected to vote YAY or NAY on this controversial bill comes before them.  How can we trust a piece of legislation that is voted on under this type of shady dealings?

Another thing that really gets me about the TPP is the fact that President Obama seems entirely complicit in not only the TPP secret negotiations, but the currently ongoing efforts by certain members of Congress to fast-track this legislation and shove it down the throats of the U.S. Congress.  Fast-tracking a piece of legislation is a process where no committee hearings are allowed before a bill goes directly to the floor part was to be voted on.  Legislators will only be allowed a few hours to read what little documentation about the TPP that they are allowed to see.  What a travesty!



Californians Against Assisted Suicide – CAAS

Californians Against Assisted Suicide


CA Against Assisted Suicide – CAAS.


Californians Against Assisted SuicideI am sharing this link because I am vehemently opposed to “assisted suicide”, or as those of us who have worked with Not Dead Yet refer to it, “physician induced death (PID).

Please go to this website and do some reading before making up your mind about this crucial issue.  If after reading the material there, you are still in favor of assisted suicide, then so be it.

If you change your mind and become opposed to assisted suicide, then I guess I’ve accomplished something positive.