Stephen Hawking: Living Testimony That Doctors Are Full of It

Stephen Hawking: Living Testimony That Doctors Are Full of It

How Stephen Hawking, diagnosed with ALS decades ago, is still alive – The Washington Post.

Stephen HawkingThis very well written story in the Washington Post about Stephen Hawking is a living testimony that not only are doctors full of it, but should be prohibited from giving expiration dates for people.

Having survived with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) for over 50 years, Stephen Hawking has defied the medical community by his longevity from a condition that, according to doctors, usually kills a person who contracts it within 2 to 3 years.  Of course, many people are given expiration dates by doctors for a variety of different medical conditions, including spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), the condition I live with.  My parents were told that I probably would not make it past 20, but I just turned 59 in December.  That’s the primary reason I say, “doctors are full of it.”

Whether doctors know it or not, when they place an expiration date on human beings who happen to have some type of disability, they often are sabotaging any chances that a person may have at achieving something positive in their life.  I have felt for years that is what happened to me.

Unlike Stephen Hawking, who seems to have just plowed through his disability, despite what the medical community says about people with ALS, many disabled, including myself, just don’t do things the same way as Dr. Stephen Hawking.

Many of us feel that trying to achieve something solid and positive in our lives is rather useless because who wants to go to school, study hard, then go out to the workplace and work at a job for a few years until we die?  Even though I don’t pretend to speak for other disabled people, that’s how I felt.


An Educated Viewpoint About the TPP

An Educated Viewpoint About the TPP

Robert Reich: This Very Bad Deal Will Make Wall Street Richer and Bust the Rest of America | Alternet.
TPP_finalAs someone who respects Robert Reich’s opinion very much, I am more afraid of the Transpacific Partnership (a.k.a.TPP) than I was before.  To me this whole thing begs the question, “how in the hell can President Obama’s support the TPP?”

As some of you who may have read this blog before, you probably know that I have written several pieces about the TPP, and how bad it will be for the United States.  This article, written by Robert Reich, goes a long way in clarifying why I oppose, as should all Americans, the TPP.  It will devastate this country’s economy and ship thousands of jobs overseas.

All the TPP really is just another corporate power grab. The only people who will benefit from it is Wall Street and big corporations. For the rest of us, it will mean more jobs being shipped overseas and higher prices for what we buy.

I am also appalled that President Obama is giving the TPP his total support, and has advocated for its passage. In fact, he has shown himself to be one of the primary advocates for this horrible trade bill, which has been given the dubious nickname, “NAFTA on steroids.”

This just goes to show something that I have suspected for quite a while; President Obama is not the liberal that he would have us believe. There is no way that any liberal worth his salt would ever support a trade bill that could very well wreak this country’s economy.

Another thing that gets me is the fact that right-wing conservatives and president Obama seems to be in total agreement about this piece of legislation, when they can’t agree on anything else. The fact that a so-called “liberal” president seems to be walking hand-in-hand with people who seem to despise him is also highly suspect.


Hillary Clinton Is Sabotaging Her Own Campaign

Hillary Clinton Is Sabotaging Her Own Campaign

“I’m not going to be ready for Hillary until she announces she’s running for president,” said Tetreau, a three-decade veteran of New Hampshire primary politics, who called Ready for Hillary’s early-and-often email approach “annoying.”

via Activists bristle at Hillary Clinton fundraising pleas – Ben Schreckinger – POLITICO.

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton is sabotaging her campaign by her inaction to announce her candidacy for president of the United States.  I have been wondering for quite a while, why Hillary Clinton has not yet announced whether or not she is actually running for president.  She either needs to shit or get off the pot.  If she doesn’t, she probably is blowing her chances altogether.

It seems that her staunchest supporters are getting pissed off by her constant begging for funds, and I can’t say as I blame them one bit.  Even I, a member of the Green party for over 20 years, have received emails from her, asking for money.  Fat chance!

If I give money to any Democratic Party candidate, it will be Elizabeth Warren, someone who I think would be an excellent president, not to mention a true progressive.  I refuse to give one damn dime another to what I call a “phoney liberal” like Hillary Clinton.  I’ve done that too many times in the past.  I even donated my time to as a precinct captain to Hillary Clinton’s husband Bill Clinton when I was still a member of the Democratic Party.

The fact that Hillary Clinton is labeled as a liberal, just goes to show how far the political spectrum has shifted to the right.  She is a centrist at best.


Christian Violence Is Just As Bad As Muslim Violence

Christian Violence Is Just As Bad As Muslim Violence

Despite Wingnut Freakout, Obama Is Right: Christian Violence Is Just as Bad as Muslim Violence | Alternet.

A diagram showing a comparison between Christian violence and Muslim violence.Calling out some people who call themselves Christians for their hypocrisy, especially in comparing Christian violence to Muslim violence, is something that is way overdue.  Even though I don’t always agree with President Obama on some matters, when I heard clips from his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, I said, “Right on!”  The basic message I took from this speech was that Christian violence is no better or more justified than Muslim violence.

Some people may think it’s easy for me to talk because I openly identified myself as being an agnostic, I have gained a new level of respect for the president because he is willing to stick his neck out about the hypocrisy of some people who identify themselves as Christians.  Whether people are willing to admit it or not, over the centuries there has been a lot of unspeakable misery, death, and destruction done in the name of Christ.

One quote from President Obama that I particularly liked was, “And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. Slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.”

As you can imagine, right-wingers were outraged by the President’s statement.  As usual, right-wing commentators such as, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh all had to have their say, harshly criticizing President Obama for his remarks.  Of course, anyone who has ever listened objectively to any of these assholes knows that they are the champions of hypocrisy.

The well written and well researched article in AlterNet gives some examples of Christian violence that I had never really heard about.  The author of this article writes about one of the most recent examples of Christian violence by using the example of the Civil War in Bosnia and the cases of “ethnic cleansing” that took place there with full knowledge and complicity of the Serbian Orthodox Church. In this case, Christians murdered thousands of Muslims; something that is unacceptable and horrible, especially in this day and age.

I came away from reading this article with food for thought, as well as some historical information that was quite fascinating and informative.


More Dangers of Fracking: Two More Carcinogens

More Dangers of Fracking: Two More Carcinogens

Fracking_hidden dangersTwo more chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing (a.k.a. fracking) have been discovered to be carcinogenic, or causing cancer.  It is becoming increasingly obvious the dangers of fracking far outweigh its benefits.  Recently, two more chemicals used in fracking and been linked to cancer.  These two chemicals are ammonium and iodide.

Ammonium is produced from regular waste water and agriculture.  In other words, waste water from feedlots, which has become the primary method used in raising cattle, pigs, chickens, and just about every other form of livestock is the culprit for ammonium pollution.  Since it is a well-known fact that agribusiness is notorious for not disposing of feedlot waste water in a proper way, it’s very easy to see how ammonium is introduced into our ecosystem.

Iodide, on the other hand, is a chemical commonly used in water purification.  However, when iodide is combined with other chemicals, such as, bromide, fluoride, and chlorine, it can become harmful when introduced into the environment.  Both of these chemicals, ammonium and iodide in combination have been shown to cause cancer.  The environmental impact of fracking is showing itself to be dangerous enough to make the argument that banning fracking is necessary.

Info graphic that shows how fracking contaminates underground water.Other dangers of fracking are already well known.  Fracking is known to be a source of water contamination in groundwater.  I have an example of this groundwater contamination in my own family.  During the mid-eighties, there was a gas well about 200 yards from my parents home.  After the well was fracked , my father was forced to drill another water well because the existing well was unusable.

Another negative impact of fracking is how fracking also consumes huge quantities of water, which is combined with the chemicals used in fracking.  At a time when it’s been proven that our planet is running out of potable water, using any process which consumes huge amounts of water is unacceptable.

In dry states, like California, Arizona, and other deserts states fracking wastes huge quantities of water, which is already in short supply, because this part of the country has been suffering from a drought for nearly 3 years.  We can ill afford to waste water because we need to irrigate in order to grow the necessary fruit and vegetables for the population of this country.

The way I look it, feeding people is far more important than extracting natural gas, especially when the chemicals used in this process have been proven to be highly toxic.  Not to mention the disastrous effects if these chemicals contaminate existing groundwater.

Fracking should be banned immediately.