The TPP: America’s Next Job Killer

The TPP: America’s Next Job Killer

Stop TPP fast-trackThe TransPacific Partnership Agreement, more commonly known as the TPP, is being put on the fast track, if some legislators in Washington have their way.  Opponents of the TPP are very hard to stop the Transpacific Partnership

Not only is putting the TPP on the fast track a bad idea that needs to be stopped, but makes a joke out of the entire legislative process.  In order to understand the joke, you have to understand what “fast tracking” a bill means.

Basically, what fast tracking a bill means is just throwing a bill onto the onto the floor of the Senate and House of Representatives without the bill going through the usual process of various committee hearings where legislators have a chance to pick apart a bill, study it, ask questions and generally learn what a bill does or what the bill is intended for.  In other words, a legislator is put in the unenviable position of being forced to vote on a bill without having the chance to read it through thoroughly or study it.  How is any legislator supposed to vote correctly on any piece of legislation, if they aren’t allowed to even read it through thoroughly?  But after all, isn’t that all part of the plan?

If senators and representatives were allowed to take the TPP through the usual process of holding hearings where they would hear testimony from experts, they would easily see how dangerous the TPP is, and why the opposition is opposed to it.  The TPP is nothing less than a job killer.

The reason I say this is because it will allow businesses and industries in the United States outsource even more jobs than they already have.  No wonder they are calling the TPP “NAFTA on steroids.”  Like NAFTA, the TPP puts American workers in competition with workers in Third World nations who make a much smaller wage than Americans.  Looking at the TPP from the perspective of corporate interests, who are the primary proponents of this horrible piece of legislation, why wouldn’t they want it so badly that they are willing to subvert the legislative process by pushing for this bill to be fast tracked?

The Transpacific Partnership, or as it’s more commonly known, the TPP is something that must be stopped.


Income Inequality: Robert Reich Gives A Reality Check to the GOP

Income Inequality: Robert Reich Gives A Reality Check to the GOP

Robert Reich Reality Checks GOP’s Absurd Ideas About Addressing Income Inequality | Alternet.

Robert Reich_income inequalityThe idea that the Republicans are interested in helping the middle class and poor by solving the problem of income inequality is totally ludicrous.  It’s easy to see that they only give a damn about making more money and helping their rich friends avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

This very well written article by Robert Reich, UC Berkeley professor of economics and former Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton gives a clear and concise view about how the economic policies of the Republicans helps no one except for the wealthy and upwardly mobile.

Income inequality is turning our democracy into a joke because people like Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney are embracing it as a campaign issue, when in reality anyone who has any sense knows this is a damn lie.  When he was campaigning for president, Mitt Romney and other members of this country’s wealthy “elite” were in a state of denial that income inequality even existed.  Now he thinks people are stupid enough to believe that he now has suddenly and magically had some type of epiphany?  Unfortunately, many Americans will be stupid enough to support his new campaign for president.

Socialism Would Not Be a Bad Thing For the United States

Socialism Would Not Be a Bad Thing For the United States


My comment on an answer to What will it take to make Americans understand that socialism is neither the government taking over everything…

Even though it will take a long time to dispel the misconceptions that most Americans have about socialism, I think that it can be done.

Even though the Socialist party, and the socialist philosophy was very popular in this country around the turn of the last century (1900) Americans were given the false impression that socialism was bad because of the first “red scare” of the 1920s.  Ever since that time, Americans have been conditioned and brainwashed into believing that socialism is evil because of what happened in Russia, China, and other places.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

People in this country need to stop thinking that the Soviet Union was a true representation of a true socialist country.  The Soviet Union was a dictatorship, especially under Joseph Stalin.  Even though Stalin tried very hard to make people think that the Soviet Union was true socialism at work, those of us who have studied any true history will realize what a liar he was.

I truly believe that some type of socialism is necessary and badly needed, especially now, at a time with our middle-class is being decimated by 1% of people who control most of this country’s wealth.  True socialism, not the false Soviet brand, would benefit a huge number of people in the United States.

Lindsay Graham: A Political Dinosaur Rears Its Ugly Head

Lindsay Graham: A Political Dinosaur Rears Its Ugly Head

Graham Doubles Down: Yes, Obama’s Policies Are ‘Getting People Killed’.


Sen. Lindsey GrahamSenator Lindsay Graham shows himself to be a total asshole with his ridiculous statement that President Obama is “getting people killed.”  Two of the reasons he uses to “back up” his claims are; closing the Guantánamo Bay prison and pulling American troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan.  In other words, he is criticizing President Obama for keeping two of his campaign promises.

However, Senator Graham does it mention the fact that many Guantánamo internees have not only been mistreated, but have also been shown not to have any connection with terrorist organizations.  In other words, we have been keeping innocent people locked out for absolutely no reason other than the fact that they are of Middle Eastern background.  President Obama deserves huge credit for ending this atrocity.

Secondly, we were in Iraq for over 10 years, and we were in Afghanistan for nearly 12 years.  How long does this idiot want to keep American soldiers, thousands of miles away from their family and friends for no reason.  It’s been proven that a president from his party, George W. Bush, lied his ass off to get us involved in Iraq in the first place.  Senator Graham refuses to acknowledge that a member of his party, the Republicans, and other members of his administration lied to the American people to get us involved in an illegal, costly war.

This type of rhetoric is nothing new for Senator Lindsey Graham because his solution to everything seems to be, “send in the troops.”  He has been harping for the last couple of years for the United States to get involved in that mess in Syria.  The saber rattling mentality of Senator Lindsey Graham shows him to be nothing more than just another political dinosaur who should be shoved back into the tar pits of political obscurity.

Caregiver Wage, Overtime Protections Struck Down – Disability Scoop

ADAPT_logo (3)Statement from ADAPT

“The Department of Labor developed this rule without adequate involvement of the disability community which was concerned that without additional Medicaid funding, attendants would lose income that is vital to their lives and individuals with disabilities would be forced into institutions,” the group said in a statement. “ADAPT stands ready to work with organized labor and worker groups to fight for improvements in attendant wages and benefits in a manner that doesn’t sacrifice the rights and freedom of people with disabilities.”  Caregiver Wage, Overtime Protections Struck Down – Disability Scoop.

I have been a member of ADAPT for over 20 years, and I’m very proud of their efforts to keep disabled people where we deserve to be; fully involved in the debate over who our caregivers are.  We are an organization who is trying our best to ensure that our old slogan, “nothing about us, without us,” stays in the forefront of the disability rights movement.

Lifting the Cuban Embargo Is a Good Thing

Lifting the Cuban embargo is a good thing because it was stupid and unnecessary to begin with, has cost US taxpayers untold billions of dollars to maintain, separated families, and has accomplished absolutely nothing since it was first imposed in 1962.

Lifting the Cuban Embargo Is a Good Thing

Cuban embargo
Lifting the Cuban embargo is a good thing because it was stupid and unnecessary to begin with, has cost US taxpayers billions of dollars to maintain, separated families, and has accomplished absolutely nothing since it was first imposed in 1962.

The Cuban embargo was originally ordered by then president John F. Kennedy during the Cuban missile crisis.  This crisis arose when the Russians under Nikita Khrushchev, brought missiles into Cuba, causing great concern because Cuba is only about 90 miles from the United States, and since this was during the “Cold War”, President John F. Kennedy imposed a Cuban trade embargo.  He hoped that by placing an embargo against Cuba, it would force Cuban President Fidel 9Mouse move leftCastro to force the Russians to remove the missiles from Cuban soil; something which happened after a few tense months.

As far as I’m concerned, the Cuban embargo should have been lifted as soon as the Russians removed the missiles from Cuba.  Instead, it was kept in effect for over 50 years for no reason other than spite because the Cuban Army handed their asses behind the US backed Bay of Pigs invasion.  I’m sure by now we all know that Uncle Sam gets his panties in a bunch every time he loses anything.


Republicans Move To Gut Social Security Benefits on Their First Day in Power

Republicans Move To Gut Social Security Benefits on Their First Day in Power.

No Social Security cutsSenator Bernie Sanders predicted that the Republicans would go after Social Security on the first day of their first day as the majority party in both houses of Congress, and he was right.

These right-wing bastards don’t give a damn about those of us on Social Security who are already living well below the poverty line.  They act like Social Security is such a big amount of money that those of us who depend on it for our survival, are living in deep clover.  In the real world; a place these rich bastards would not recognize, we are struggling very hard to just get by each month.

They actually believe that we are living such a high standard of living that we can afford to have cuts made to Social Security.  The most anyone Social Security gets as an individual is about $1200 per month.  I would love to see how well these upscale bastards in the Republican Party would do to survive on this pittance.

Personally, after the whopping 1.7% cost-of-living adjustment, they gave us on January 1, I’m living on $1156 and some change each month.  For me, their stinking cost-of-living adjustment (a.k.a. COLA) amounts to about $8 and some change.  What am I supposed to do with that?  How much will that amount of money do to raise my standard of living?  This $8 (oh, let’s not forget the change), doesn’t nearly keep up with how much the cost of living has actually gone up in the past year.

I feel like telling Uncle Sam to take his measly 1.7% and shove it up his ass.

If you would like to help stop this injustice to Social Security recipients, please sign the petition at this link: