Yet Another Cop On A Power Trip

“He’s a cop!” It’s all rightquit struggling, he’s a cop. A true sign of a pacified nation.

Yet Another Cop On A Power Trip

Activist Post: Harrowing Fight of Woman Struggling With Unidentified OffDuty Cop.


Off duty copI saw this news story on TV about this off-duty cop on a power trip, and was appalled that both of these young women are being brought up on charges.  For what?  Defending themselves against someone whom they probably thought was an attacker? Totally ridiculous!

All they did was get into a fender bender with another car at this shopping mall, in San Jose.  This guy didn’t announce the fact that he is a cop until halfway through the incident.  After that, he slams her into the car.

On top of that, why should they believe him?  He does not show them a badge until they are driving away in their car.  They were probably too scared to even see his badge. There have been quite a few cases where women were raped by guys identifying themselves as police officers even after they were shown a badge.

This off-duty cop is the one who should be charged, not these poor women who were probably scared to death by what they thought was a possible rapist or thief?  This cop was obviously on a power trip.