Splitting the Republican Party: A Sensible Idea

Dividing the Republican Party in half makes a lot of sense, especially when you consider the fact that presidential hopeful Donald Trump is already crying foul, and claiming that if he loses, it is because the election is rigged.

Steve Schmidt, a highly regarded Republican political operative has raised the interesting question of whether the Republican Party will split in half. One half of the remaining Republican Party would be a hard core, far right party, and the other half would be a center right party. Donald Trump could very well attempt to continue […]


Splitting the Republican Party: A Sensible Idea

The Republican PartyDividing the Republican Party in half makes a lot of sense, especially when you consider the fact that presidential hopeful Donald Trump is already crying foul, and claiming that if he loses, it is because the election is rigged. Expecting him to lose gracefully and bow out with some class, something that he doesn’t have is asking a lot.

From a political standpoint, it makes a lot of sense to divide the Republican Party into a half. Half the “crazies” going one way, and the moderate and sensible Republicans (considering there are any) going the other way. Dividing the Republican Party into two parts makes a lot of sense from a political standpoint. It would be the politically expedient thing to do if they have any hope of surviving the upcoming debacle.

If the Republican Party doesn’t wake up and smell the coffee, it may be too late to save itself. Either that, or publicly admit that they made a huge mistake supporting Trump, and divorced themselves from him and his “followers.”  If the Republican Party put some distance between themselves and Trump, they would look better in the public eye, especially considering that some of the top racist groups in this country are among his supporters.

The Republican Party cannot think that it can lie down with a pig, and come out smelling like roses. They should be smart enough to realize that fact. They would also look better in the public eye admit that they made a mistake, apologize for it, and attempt to move on.

As it stands, they are in a lot of danger of losing control of both the House and Senate; something that I am closely hoping for, primarily because they have grossly abused power all the way through the eight years of President Obama. If they keep control of both houses of Congress, I can easily see them obstructing Hillary Clinton the same way they did Barack Obama.


The End Of A Republican Party | FiveThirtyEight

Jul 18, 2016 The shock of 2016, though, is just how self-evident the inflection point at which the Republican Party finds itself is; Trump is a one-man crisis for …

John Kasich’s dire warning for the Republican Party: EVOLVE OR DIE

2 days ago Kasich discusses TPP and the Wells Fargo scandal, and gives a warning to the Republican Party.



Cards Against Humanity creators troll scared, little Donald Trump with a billboard in Detroit

Source: Cards Against Humanity creators troll scared, little Donald Trump with a billboard in Detroit

The perfect response to Islamophobes like Donald Trump

Russian Sabotage In The American Election

Russia was very likely responsible for the hack that has upended the DNC.

Source: Here’s What We Know About Russia and the DNC Hack | WIRED

Russian Sabotage In The American Election.

The evidence seems to be growing that there has been Russian sabotage in the American election.  Even though the outcry from American politicians, especially those in the DNC (Democratic National Committee), we shouldn’t be surprised that another country would try doing what we have been guilty.  In a weird way, it’s like “political Karma” has come around to haunt us.

What I’m referring to is the American government’s successful attempt to sabotage Australian election of 1975, when the CIA was successful in unseating the prime minister, Gough Whitlam.  The US government felt that Prime Minister Whitlam was a threat to American interests, primarily because he was opposed to the war in Vietnam.  American sabotage of the 1975 election began several years earlier, during the Nixon administration.

In the current case of Russian sabotage in the American election, they have hacked the servers the Democratic National Committee and leaked sensitive emails to the press.  These emails are embarrassing to the DNC, especially candidate Hillary Clinton, as she battles Donald Trump for the presidency. The Russian sabotage is half-day because

The Russian sabotage is being committed, probably with the blessing of Vladimir Putin, because they want Donald Trump to win the election because Trump is more likely to turn a blind eye to Russian aggression.  Trump has said that he will not interfere if the Russians were to attack our European allies, something that is extremely distressing.

Even though the Russian sabotage of our critical election is something that we should not condone, we should not forget that we have also been guilty of the same thing in our sabotage of the Australian election of 1975.  The only difference between the Russians and us is that we were successful in our underhanded efforts and the attempted Russian sabotage has failed to achieve its goal.  Both the Russians and the Americans deserve condemnation for their attempts to stand in the way of real democracy.


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The Dakota Access Pipeline Protest: A Brief History

The Dakota Access Pipeline Protest: A Brief History

I hope that this video about the Dakota Access Pipeline protest is as informative to you as it was me. Finally, the “mainstream media” is giving some coverage to this crucial issue. It’s appalling to see the way that the US Government is mistreating the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.  I guess some things never change.

The Dakota Access Pipeline will cause tremendous and irreparable damage to the water supply of the Native Americans who occupy this region, located in North Dakota. In addition to destroying their water supply, the intended route of this pipeline will take it through the burial grounds and many other sacred sites, belonging to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.

It is appalling to see heavily armed police officers, looking more like a paramilitary force, is trampling on the civil rights of these unarmed, and peaceful protesters who are doing nothing more than trying to protect a fundamental necessity in the lives like water. The US government should be ashamed of itself, but as we all know, the US government never apologizes for anything it ever does, no matter how egregious.

What is happening to these Native American people is an atrocity that equals the Wounded Knee protests of the 70s. Hopefully, these peaceful protesters are not harmed.


Bakken pipeline

Harvard (13 September 2016). “‘The Daily Show’ sheds light on the Dakota Access Pipeline protest with brilliant segment”. The Daily Show. Retrieved 30 September

The Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Is Unprecedented — And 150 …

Sep 15, 2016 Streaming, posting, and updating from “Facebook Hill” in the Sacred Stone Camp, thousands of protesters have made their fight impossible to…

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Dakota Access Pipeline: A Blatant Abuse Of Force

The Dakota Access Pipeline is the most blatant abuse of force since the demonstrations in Ferguson Missouri.

Dakota Access Pipeline: A Blatant Abuse Of Force

Dakota Access PipelineThe Dakota Access Pipeline is the most blatant abuse of force since the demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri.  It is probably the most blatant misuse of force used against Native Americans since the siege of Wounded Knee in the 70s.

This demonstration resembles the protests in Ferguson, Missouri because the police are using leftover armored vehicles from the military.  It is just more evidence that our police forces are becoming paramilitary forces that are intended to be used to quell free speech than they are to protect society from criminals.  Police forces in the United States have become more militarized over the years because the Obama administration has released armored vehicles to police forces across the United States.  This arming of police has been done through the Department of Homeland Security under the guise of protecting us from potential terrorist attack.  What a crock of bullshit!

At the center of this dispute is the Dakota Access Pipeline, which is designed to carry oil across tribal lands, belonging to the Standing Rock tribe.  The tribe is protesting against the Dakota Access Pipeline because it will cause the destruction of tribal burial sites and holy places.  It also threatens the water supply of the tribe because it will cause damage to the aquifer that runs under tribal land.

It is a very scary site to see armored vehicles and police officers, heavily armed with M-16 rifles and other military-style weapons, squaring off against unarmed protesters in pickups.  Since the governor of North Dakota, Jack Dalrymple ordered the North Dakota National Guard to participate in suppressing the Great Sioux Nation situations has only gotten worse.  This protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline is a potential timebomb waiting to go off.


Understanding the Controversy Behind the Dakota Access Pipeline …

Sep 14, 2016 The controversial Dakota Access Pipeline continues to make headlines. Yesterday, Energy Transfer Partners, the developer behind the $3.8 …

Dakota Access Pipeline: 5 things to know – CNN.com

Aug 31, 2016 Proponents of the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline tout its economic benefits, but opponents, including Native American groups, question its …



Video Reveals How Much of a Sexist Donald Trump Is


Video Reveals How Much of a Sexist Donald Trump Is

Just when you think that Donald Trump can’t be any more of a sexist lowlife, he turns around and outdoes himself. If, after watching this video, you aren’t disgusted,there is something wrong with you.  Using language that would make a truck driver blush, Donald Trump displays an attitude that would offend anyone with a type of sensitivity.

In this video, from the Washington Post, Donald Trump shows the most sexist, misogynistic attitude that I have ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot. Half of what he suggests is proper behavior towards women is downright illegal. He suggests that grabbing a woman’s genitals is acceptable behavior. If your average person acted on this type of behavior, they would be sent to jail and have to register as a sex offender. But, Donald Trump apparently thinks that he is above the law.

After the 2005 video had been released today, Donald Trump gave a half-hearted apology that meant nothing. He only apologized for his language, not the unacceptable sexist attitude he endorses and is proper behavior. Of course, don’t you and this point I have learned that Donald Trump never apologizes for anything.

He thinks his position makes to good to have to apologize, no matter how offensive his behavior is. Donald Trump is nothing more than a low-class, sexist prick. He is the type of person that makes all men look bad. Donald Trump reflects an attitude toward women that most of us got over by the time we graduated high school.

If he were a real person, he would be embarrassed and give a sincere apology, instead of glossing over this 2005 incident as just “boys being boys.”


Why The New Child Rape Case Filed Against Donald Trump Should …

Jun 29, 2016 An anonymous “Jane Doe” filed a federal lawsuit against GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump last week, accusing him of raping her in …


Mike Pence Makes a Lame Attempt to Defend Trump’s Lies


Mike Pence Makes a Lame Attempt to Defend Trump’s Lies

At last night’s vice presidential debate, between the Democrat Tim Kaine and Gov. Mike Pence, the Republican running mate of Donald Trump, Mike Pence looked ridiculous trying to defend the lies of Donald Trump. At one point, I almost felt sorry for him until I remembered that Mike Pence is just as offensive as Trump is, although he takes a softer tone. Mike Pence reminded me of what it would have looked like if Gen. George Custer had tried defending himself at The Little Big Horn all by himself, using only a butter knife.

Mike Pence had better realize that his political career is probably dead after allowing himself to be aligned with a pathological liar like Donald Trump. He deserves everything he gets, and then some. One would think that a person with as much political experience as Mike Pence wasn’t so stupid as to allow himself to get sucked into this mess. I wonder what he thinks he will gain, especially if Trump loses. He is liable just to fade away into obscurity like all political dinosaurs deserve.

In many ways, the positions of Mike Pence are just as offensive as Donald Trump’s, especially on reproductive rights and abortion. Even though he hasn’t yet proposed that a woman is punished for having an abortion, as Trump has, he is a longtime opponent of Roe V Wade.

Even though a lot of people might not know it, Mike Pence is a prominent member of the Tea Party. Even if he weren’t Donald Trump’s running mate, this would still make him politically offensive to me. Mike Pence looked ridiculous tried to defend the indefensible.

It baffles me that neither Mike Pence nor Donald Trump, seem to remember that something called videotape exists. Every one of Donald Trump’s lies can be proven to be false based on the actual video of making one ludicrous statement after another.

I hope that Mike Pence realizes that his political career is dead after supporting Trump, especially if Trump loses. After being associated with a liar and sociopath like Donald Trump, his chances of ever getting any political support for whatever office he may run for in the future, is slim to none.


Who is Mike Pence? – The Washington Post

Jul 16, 2016 Donald Trump’s running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R), has been in public office since 2000, and yet a majority of voters don’t know who …
Mike Pence defends Donald Trump comments on Vladimir Putin …

Sep 9, 2016 Washington (CNN) Indiana Gov. Mike Pence on Thursday defended his running mate’s statement that Vladimir Putin is a stronger leader than …



Will the Green Party Survive The 2016 Election?

Jill Stein’s Green Party run doesn’t offer a plan to win, or to build power. The Left is capable of so much more.

Source: The Left Deserves Better Than Jill Stein

Will the Green Party Survive The 2016 Election?

the-green-partyEven though I consider myself to be a loyal member of the Left, there are many times when I get very frustrated, especially the party that I identify with most, the Green party.  They have made a terrible mistake by choosing Jill Stein as their candidate because she doesn’t have a clear-cut plan to win the election or to build power for the Green party or the Left.  This is a mistake because now is the time when the Left should be building power and consolidating what power they have.

The 2016 presidential election is a time that it is “make it or break it” for the Left to have a chance of earning a stable place on this country’s political landscape, and we are in danger of blowing it.  My party, the Green party, is no exception.  In my opinion, the Green Party is making a huge mistake by wasting their limited resources in running Jill Stein as their candidate instead of a candidate with a solid plan to win.  They and other members of the Left should be in a building process.

The Green party would be well served to remember how it began, at the grassroots level. They seem to have forgotten the grassroots supporters who have devoted their lives to make the party strong and vibrant. The leaders of the Green party should remember that a movement for change begins at the bottom, not at the top. They are making the same mistakes as the Democrats and Republicans by allowing their average supporters to become disaffected and disillusioned because they feel that they are being ignored.

They are making the same mistake as other parties in allowing grassroots supporters to be wasted, not only by supporting the wrong candidate, in this space case Jill Stein, but by overreaching themselves by running a candidate for president in the first place.  The efforts of the grassroots would be much more wisely spent if the Green party would devote itself to running candidates in smaller races. The Green party fails to recognize the need to build a power base at the bottom.

The Green party should have used Bernie Sanders campaign as an inspiration to use the grassroots supporters in an effective way; something that they haven’t done in years. Bernie Sanders is a very good example of a grassroots campaign that was very successful.  Bernie Sanders’ grassroots supporters was one of his finest assets, and helped him tremendously in putting forth his consistent message of income inequality, redistribution of this nation’s wealth, and raising the minimum-wage was very effective in gaining supporters.

A consistent message is the one thing that the Green party campaign of Jill Stein lacks.  In my opinion, this lack of a consistent message that resonates among the common person is her biggest handicap.  This failure to deliver a consistent message over and over, like Bernie Sanders successfully did, is one thing that will cause her defeat.

In fact, this grassroots campaign of Bernie Sanders nearly won the Democratic nomination. If it would have been for the underhanded backroom scheming of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other members of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Sen. Sanders would have taken his rightful place instead of Hillary Clinton.  This is the major reason that I feel the Democrats did not choose the best possible candidate to defeat Donald Trump.

The Green party needs to start building a power base at the bottom and work your way to the top.  They are making a huge mistake by allowing the Green party to degenerate into a permanent home party that takes is grassroots supporters for granted and becoming top-heavy, like other political parties.  Unless they wake up soon they will be surrendering the field to the status quo of a two-party system, which is a major flaw in the American political process.


The Greens/Green Party USA

Official homepage of The Greens/Green Party USA.
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Why do Millennials Support Gary Johnson?

Source: Gary Johnson Wants to Ignore Climate Change Because the Sun Will Destroy the Earth One Day | Mother Jones

Why do Millennials Support Gary Johnson?

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian party candidate for POTUS, made the most ludicrous statement about global warming that I have ever heard. Gary Johnson actually claims that global warming is not as big a problem as people say it is. He says that we should not be concerned by global warming because the sun will one day destroy the earth by encircling it. Gary Johnson regards global warming as a natural occurrence that cannot be corrected. Unbelievable!

Gary Johnson also says that any funding devoted to fighting global warming should be used for other problems. He seems to imply very strongly that spending money on fighting global warming is wasted, and should be used for other purposes. If that isn’t bad enough, Gary Johnson goes on to say that we should invest in more coal-fired power plants.

After watching this statement from 2011, I was astonished, especially since Gary Johnson is supported by many so-called “millennials,” even though statistics show that this particular issue of global warming has a high priority among this group. Studies show that this group of voters is extremely interested in environmental matters. It astonishes me that many of these people are active supporters of Gary Johnson because his views on the environment are so counter to theirs. His views seem to be every bit as extreme as if he was a conservative member of the Republican Party. The only difference is that Gary Johnson concedes that human activity causes global warming.

Current polls show that Gary Johnson has 10% of the voters supporting him.  Sometimes, I wonder if people actually listen to the garbage that comes out of politicians mouths.


Gary Johnson (disambiguation)

Gary Johnson (born 1953) is the former Governor of New Mexico and candidate for U.S. President in 2012 and 2016. Gary Johnson may also refer to: Gary

Why You Shouldn’t Vote for Libertarian Nominee Gary Johnson …

Aug 23, 2016 When he ran for president on the Libertarian ticket in 2012, 1.2 million Americans voted for Gary Johnson. That’s about 0.99 percent of the total …



Donald Trump Is a Believer in Eugenics. Should We Be Surprised?

Donald Trump Is a Believer in Eugenics.  Should we be surprised?

I wish I could say I was surprised when I watched this video of Donald Trump, but I wasn’t. It seems that Donald Trump believes in eugenics. Why am I not surprised? Should anyone be surprised?

Apparently, Donald Trump shares a common belief with Adolf Hitler; the so-called “science” of eugenics. Donald Trump believes that his business prowess if you can call it that, is attributed to the right genes. He also apparently believes that his genes give him a certain sense of entitlement to be President of the United States, even though this video doesn’t say that.

I find it extremely disturbing that a contender for president of the United States holds similar views as one of the worst mass murderers in the history of the world, Adolf Hitler. Eugenics was also used as an excuse to sterilize people with disabilities and others that some societies felt were inferior, and should not have children.  Does Donald Trump also believe that only certain people should be allowed to procreate?

Hopefully, this video, and others like it, will show people Donald Trump is a liar about who he is. I find this to be incredible that Donald Trump has not caught on yet that for every lie he tells, some piece of videotape from his past turns up to expose him as being dishonest to the American people whom he expressed to help him win the highest office in the United States.

For someone who believes that his superior genes give him an edge over other people, Donald Trump is ignorant to think that most of his bullshit can’t be proven to be just that, bullshit. One would think that his “superior genes” would help him to be less forgetful and a more skilled liar.


The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet – The Atlantic

… have made a couple forays onto the island. Donald Trump celebrates the opening of the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City in 1990. A year later, it was bankrupt.

An Uncomfortable Truth about Donald Trump

  Given the state of the Republican presidential race, it’s time to acknowledge a very uncomfortable truth: Donald Trump is probably going to be the Republican nominee. The question for Democrats is simple. Who has the best chance to defeat Trump? And by any objective measure, the answer is Bernie Sanders. In …