Marco Rubio Position on Gun Control Makes Him Unfit for Florida

One would think that a Senator, or any other legislator representing Florida would be in favor of gun control, unless you are Marco Rubio.

Marco Rubio Position On Gun Control Makes Him Unfit for Florida

One would think that a Senator or any other legislator representing Florida would be in favor gun control unless you are Marco Rubio. At a town hall meeting which had some students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, scene of last week’s mass shooting, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida had the gall to say that he would continue accepting campaign contributions from the National Rifle Association (NRA).

He also made clear his position against a ban on assault weapons, saying that such a ban wouldn’t help anything. Marco Rubio also had the gall to say that campaign contributions from the NRA made no difference in his opinion against gun control. Sen. Rubio also tried to sell the audience the usual position of most people against gun control, saying that such a law banning assault weapons would be meaningless because the number of weapons that fit that description would make such a ban unenforceable.

This is the usual position taken by the NRA when such a ban is proposed. Marco Rubio was just parroting the usual bullshit the NRA puts out in their efforts to confuse people, especially NRA members, into going along with whatever position they take, no matter how harmful to the public that position may be. Even though the present proposed law specifically names AR 15’s as the type of rifle that should be banned, they keep on insisting that a law would be confusing although it seems very clear to anyone who can read. It’s just like the old saying, “if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit”.

Sen. Marco Rubio has accepted nearly $3,303,355 since 2012 from the NRA. He goes to great links to explain that NRA contributions in not only his but other campaigns, don’t really make a difference in what position a legislator takes about gun control. In other words, Marco Rubio actually expects us to believe that he would take a different position on gun control if he hadn’t received over $3 million from the NRA.

Yeah right! Whoever believes this bullshit, please let’s all stand on our heads.


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13 hours ago Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Fred Guttenberg, the father of a student who was killed, there is no easy way to ban assault weapons. That’s because there’s no easy definition of what an assault weapon is, and it may be virtually impossible to ban them. But there are fairly simple ways to heavily regulate them.
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Trump’s Budget Cuts Millions of Dollars That Would Help Gun Control

Trump’s Budget Cuts Millions Of Dollars From Gun Background Check System

WASHINGTON ― President Donald Trump ‘s newly unveiled budget would cut millions of dollars from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, which gun dealers use to verify if someone is banned from buying a gun before selling it to them.

Trump’s Budget Cuts Millions of Dollars That Would Help Gun Control

While the bodies of the 17 victims of the latest mass shooting in Parkland, Florida have not even been buried yet, Donald Trump’s latest budget proposal would cut millions of dollars that could help in gun control.  Trump proposes cutting $30 million from the federal budget that would be used by various states to do background checks on anyone who wanted to buy a gun. Once again, we see a major political figure bowing down to the wishes of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

To refresh your memory, the NRA contributed about $30 million to the Trump campaign during his candidacy for POTUS. This makes it very clear that Donald Trump, despite his platitudes, prayers, and good wishes for the poor families who lost loved ones in Parkland, is beholden to the gun lobby enough to continue doing their bidding.

The $30 million that Trump proposes cutting from the budget would go far in helping pay for gun control in the United States. This is especially true since many states have argued that doing background checks for people wanting to buy guns is an undue financial hardship for some states to follow. This fact is very believable if you know anything about the financial state of some states. Levying the cost of background checks in many cases actually is a financial hardship. $30 million would go far in helping them to make this a safer country.

A majority of the American people have called for gun control in this country for years. How many more schoolkids have to die before our legislators wake the hell up? People are very tired of hearing a lot of idle talk about enacting gun control, but forgetting about it after the story leaves the front page. gun control is a very serious issue that more of our so-called “leaders” should do more than just talking about the necessity while doing nothing.

Maybe the “body count” hasn’t gotten steep enough for them to finally get off their lazy pontificating asses and do something positive and proactive to save lives. Apparently, gun control is something that is not going to happen until we the people make it happen.


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Jeff Sessions’ Political Football; Legal Marijuana

Jeff Sessions’ Political Football; Legal Marijuana

Jeff Sessions has found a new political football over the issue of legal marijuana. He is exploiting this issue to try to ingratiate himself with the Trump administration. He is doing this because lately, he has fallen “out-of-favor” with Trump over his recusal on whether Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to become President of the United States.

Donald Trump had hoped that Sessions would use his position as Attorney General to thwart or interfere with any investigation into this matter. To his credit, Jeff Sessions recused himself because it would have been a conflict of interest on his part.

Lately, there has been a lot of pressure from key members of the Republican party to remove Jeff Sessions from his position as Attorney General. Luckily, Sessions was able to use the issue of legal marijuana, only legalized in five states, as a political football to save his ass. He has publicly taken a position to enforce federal law against legal marijuana, even though this is clearly a states rights issue. A states rights issue is a legal matter where the federal government has no right to interfere with a state’s enforcement of a particular law. “States rights” is a concept that is guaranteed by the 10th amendment of the U.S. Constitution. This amendment clearly states that whatever the law the federal government has no jurisdiction over his left up to the states to either enforce or not to enforce.

Therefore, Jeff Sessions has no right to interfere in the issue of legal marijuana, especially since there really is no federal law against marijuana. This could be argued by those who support that there is a federal law against hemp (the species of plant that marijuana belongs to) but to most people, including legal scholars, this is a real stretch.

Also, as if by coincidence, the states who have legalized marijuana are states that oppose Donald Trump’s bid for the position of president. Is this really a “coincidence”? I think not!


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Marijuana has been legalized in nine states and Washington, DC …

The spread of marijuana legalization has led to a reimagining of US drug policy and how, exactly, it should change as people seek alternatives to punitive criminal justice policies that have led to more incarceration and a black market that supports violent criminal enterprises. But marijuana remains illegal under federal law.


Donald Trump Wants a Military Parade For Himself

In his latest display of self-indulgence and ego tripping, Donald Trump has asked the Pentagon to plan a large military parade in Washington DC.

Donald Trump Wants a Military Parade For Himself.

Donald Trump and his military paradeIn his latest display of self-indulgence and ego tripping, Donald Trump has asked the Pentagon to plan a massive military parade in Washington DC. He wants to have the parade to honor (you guessed it) himself. But, why should anyone be surprised by this? It merely displays how much Donald Trump lives in his own reality, not actual reality. As a president who blew out his Secret Service budget in the first four months of his presidency, this latest piece of news should be no surprise to anyone.

Criticism of this military parade is by members of Congress from both parties. They question the cost, or propriety, of staging such a parade which could very well cost millions of dollars. Critics say this money could be so much better spent on more necessary items that the military needs, and not a parade. Donald Trump makes no secret about the motive of the parade being to honor himself, although the White House is giving the excuse that it is to honor the 100th anniversary of World I.

Opponents in Congress who are against staging a large military parade say that the money could be better spent on more necessary items, such as, higher pay for soldiers, increased veterans benefits, better military coverage, better military housing for military families and a variety of other items.

The inspiration, if you can call it that, behind Donald Trump’s latest pretentious ask is probably the Bastille Day parade which she attended recently in Paris. At the time, Trump has said how “spectacular” this parade was and that he would like to see such a military parade in the United States. Donald Trump will grab any excuse to feed his insatiable ego. But it isn’t inappropriate, especially at a time when our military men and women are in such need of many things.

After all, will a military parade in Washington DC put food on the table of soldier’s families, or treat veterans that veterans hospitals quicker or better?


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1 day ago President Donald Trump has asked for a military parade and the Pentagon is reviewing potential dates, Pentagon spokesman Charlie Summers said Tuesday.
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1 day ago Members of Congress from both parties joined retired military leaders and veterans in heaping scorn Wednesday on President Donald Trump’s push to parade soldiers and weaponry down the streets of the nation’s capital — calling it a waste of money that would break with democratic traditions.


Donald Trump And His War Against Sanctuary Cities

In his latest attempt to throw his weight around, Donald Trump has started an attempt to punish sanctuary cities.

Donald Trump and His War Against Sanctuary Cities

sanctuary citiesIn his latest attempt to throw his weight around Donald Trump has started trying to punish sanctuary cities. For those who may not know, sanctuary cities are cities who refuse to coöperate in the process of deportation of so-called “illegal immigrants.” He is suggesting that the federal government should hold back federal funding these sanctuary cities receive.

In his first week of office, Donald Trump signed an executive order authorizing the creation of 10,000 more jobs in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (a.k.a. ICE). These additional ICE agents are designated to be used as immigration enforcement is sanctuary cities. So far, sanctuary cities have resisted these enhanced efforts by ICE to persecute “illegal immigrants” He now thinks that defunding sanctuary cities will somehow force the cities to start cooperating with his racist immigration policies because these efforts have failed.

This effort is just more of Trump’s racism against immigrants put into practice. He regards sanctuary cities as safe havens for “illegal immigrants,” who are one of the prime targets for his racist beliefs. The cities of San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose are determined to resist his efforts punishing them. They have staunchly refused to comply and continue to allow their cities to be sanctuary cities. They will have all refused to cooperate Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the federal agency charged with enforcing immigration laws.

Donald Trump has also pushed for the arrest of mayors of sanctuary cities. Thus far, no mayor has been arrested even though several of them have said they will gladly allow themselves to be taken into custody to protect immigrants.

ICE and its cruel practices are a significant reason that sanctuary cities are necessary and useful. ICE has shown itself to be nothing more than a glorified bunch of thugs. The creation of sanctuary cities in the United States is trying to keep these thugs under control. Sanctuary cities are necessary because the federal government has thus far refused to hold its trained dogs on leash.

Someone has to try to protect these so-called “illegal immigrants” so sanctuary cities are necessary because the federal government has shown very little mercy to these people come here to have better lives than would have been possible in their countries of origin. In many cases, some of these people would be killed or subjected to harsh punishment if forced to return to their native countries. Since dictatorships rule many of these countries, often put in power by the US government even though we hold self-declared “bragging rights” as being the most democratic country on the face of the earth.


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In the United States and Canada, a sanctuary city is a city that limits its cooperation with the national government effort to enforce immigration law. Leaders of sanctuary cities want to reduce the fear of deportation and possible family break-up among people who are in the country illegally so that such people will be more …


American Workers Hurt By Regulation “Reform” by Donald Trump

Workers’ health, safety, and pay are among the casualties of Trump’s war on regulations: A deregulation year in review

On December 14, 2017, President Trump held a press conference to take credit for the “most far-reaching regulatory reform in history,” claiming his administration has been responsible for more than 1,500 cancelled or delayed regulatory actions. 1 He is expected to tout this number again at his upcoming State of the Union address to Congress.

American Workers Hurt By Regulation “Reform” by Donald Trump

Donald TrumpOne aspect of Donald Trump that isn’t discussed very much is his war against any type of regulation on business. Like most right-wingers, Donald Trump is very much in favor of deregulation; a favorite drum that most conservatives love to bang on. Like most politicos in favor of regulation “reform”, Donald Trump has put the lives of American workers in danger. He has taken the entire regulatory process back to where it was in the early 1900s, which basically means that he is taken worker safety back to where it was during the days of the infamous robber barons.

The issue of deregulation has become a cornerstone for most conservatives, especially those representing big business. Donald Trump shows himself to be an enemy of the working class because he has attempted to “reform” the regulation process and the implementation of regulations. Regulations are what protects the health, safety, and pay received by workers. They are too important to do away with, as Donald Trump and his cronies suggest.

Over the last year, Donald Trump has adopted a policy that he says is for “reforming” regulations and the entire regulatory process. Whenever you see the word “reform” one should always be suspicious of the intent. Over the years, I have become very suspicious every time I see this word because so-called “reform” has many times meant end or twist something to the point where it is no longer recognizable.

Like most efforts at deregulation, the efforts by Donald Trump is “penny-wise and pound foolish”. There are focused on short-term profits and not long-range goals and sustainability. It is far easier for them to just grab profits now, regardless of what effect these actions have on their respective businesses or society.

He had his business cronies fail to recognize that worker safety regulations are more of a benefit than a liability. When worker safety is protected that means they are not only healthy but able to keep working. When a worker is injured on the job, they have to be replaced; something that takes time. And as most businessmen know, time is money. Not to mention that an employer who actually cares about the well-being of his workforce shows himself to be caring, compassionate people.

But as most of us know by now, Donald Trump and his wealthy businessman cronies are anything but caring and compassionate people. They are just really bastards who put profit above everything else, including worker safety and well-being. To them, workers are just more “cannon fodder” to be used recklessly in their quest for bigger profits. This viewpoint that the “bottom line” is more important than people is a major strike against the entire capitalist system.


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Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All Townhall” Streamed on Social Media

Sanders’ “Medicare for All Town Hall” was streamed to an estimated audience of more than a million people over three social media outlets. (JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)


We can always count on Bernie Sanders to defend people who depend on Medicare for the healthcare coverage like I do.